Year 1895 Time Machine
The year 1895 TIME Machine project ERROR with the year Y2K Biological Clock


What are the biological clock projects of Nature?
What clues may exist in literature or elsewhere ..... that may help explain the biological clock used by our Central nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic computer. We are computers........ more accurately stated ...we must distinguish between 2 major formats of modern data processing:
1) the modern copper wire computers and their software
2) the ancient bio-computers ....known as the human brain with data entry devices ..such as the photon INPUT device of the eyes.
Thus what is a demo ....of Nature's version of a political science DEMOCRAT.
WORD analysis ....
Democrat = Demo + em + ocr + rat -->
Demo = demonstartion of Nature's bio-systems
em = electromagnetic ... in human life format
ocr = optical character reader known as the human EYE/optical nerve and language
rat = rational number thoughts
Thus H.G.Wells ...... a biological computer ...wrote about a book that reflected several levels of messages.
a) the internal biological clock and its INTERNAL world thoughts ..... a TIME Machine within H.G.Wells ..... decided to express a message.
The internal message was sent to his conscious brain ..... for expression EXTERNAL world terminology. The conscious MIND of H.G.Wells decided that the concept of a TIME machine would be the way of expression (in the syle of science adventure Jules Verne's books). Since biochemistry was not known in year 1895 .... he did not have available the college tetxboooks, their empirical data, and their symbolic models .... that I have in year 2012. Thus, over 100 years later, I am looking at year 1895 and reviewing the context of modern available knowledge.
The Time Machine is a science fiction novella by H. G. Wells, published in 1895 and later adapted into two feature films of the same name, as well as two ...



What was his subliminal mind trying to express.?


---> The year 1895 Time Machine followed by mathematical-physics space/TIME machine announcements in year 1905 amd 1915 by Einstein


---> The year 1895 Time Machine biological clock and DNA equation

Year 1895 = 1 23 32 5 with the possible TIME direction components of DNA 3 ---> 5.


What are these components of DNA?

DNA replication - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
DNA strands have a directionality, and the different ends of a single strand are called the "3' (three-prime) end" and the "5' (five-prime) end" with the direction of ...


DNA synthesis occurs only in 5'-3' direction. › Wiki AnswersCategoriesScienceBiology
no DNA synthesis occurs in 5'-3' as well as in 3'-5' direction. only the difference is that ,that it is continuous in 5'-3' direction but discontinous in 3'-5' direction.


DNA Replication
Aug 7, 2005 – The DNA polymerase always reads along the parental strand in a 3' to 5'direction, therefore the new


Above we see...the words ---> always reads in a 3 --> 5 direction ........

sugegesting that reading the 1 23 32 5 TIME Machine book ...did something to the readers mind....brain clock.


The picture below may suggest some concepts from the subliminal mind ...of the 1895 STATE of MIND of thinkers....including H.G.Wells.

a) a traveling photon .....that originates at the SUN and travels to earth to provide us with the energy needed for the botany process of photosynthesis. Since the Solar System has 9 planets ...we view the Solar System as a sytem 370 data processing structure with the 9 Project PLAN --> 8 data bit planets and 1 error checking parity bit planet.

b) the picture suggests a NORTH POLE Santa Claus sleigh .....thus the picture suggests North Pole magnetic data field life forms that interact with the iron Hemoglobin proteins in the human brain.

Biological clock - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Biological clock may refer to: Circadian rhythm, living organisms' adaptations to solar related rhythms; Age, as a general factor of female infertility ...


biological clock - The Free Dictionary
An internal mechanism in organisms that controls the periodicity of various functions or activities, such as metabolic changes, sleep cycles, or photosynthesis


Biological clock
BIOLOGICAL CLOCKS. Cells know the time. Cells are the fundamentals of life. All life's processes happen in and by cells. One of the most amazing .



Cells are the fundamentals of life

Cells are the fundamentals of life

Cells are the fundamentals of life



Above we see a Mississippi bio-computer jail cell.

Mississippi --> MIS .....ppi --> Management Information Systems .....parallel processing instructions


What is parallel?

The EXTERNAL world jail cell provides data about the INTERNAL molecular cell biology theory of BRAIN jail cells ..that is ...jail cell biology SECRET systems.


Are your brain cells doing jail time? Yes, they may.
Are you a 2 Time loser?
Are you a Y2K Time loser? Probably.

Nature has done atomic brain cell .....brain jail cell studies at Fe = Ferrous oxide atomic bio-physics RD location ..known as
atom Fe = FermiLAB. They have ferrous oxide FermiLAB LAB humanoid LAB specimens that have iron HEME group Fe(ii) ions.

The Fe(ii) ion symbols .....shows the 2 iron bars ..the Fe(ii) symbols.

Biochemistry - Google Books Result K. Campbell, Shawn O. Farrell - 2011 - Science - 714 pages
The heme group consists of a metal ion, Fe(II), and an organic part, protoporphyrin IX (Figure 4.16). (The notation Fe(II) is preferred to Fe21 when metal ions ..


Mary K. Campbell she a secret Y2K TIME agent for Nature?
.....Y_K .......... since she has Base 2 binary structural featues .... a good guess is her
.....Y2K biological clock studies for the U.S.ARMY...FORT Campbell ...... but

then ...we must consider the supersymmetry / parallel processing prossibilities when we think of
Mary K .........
......y K MIRROR Ky giving the biochemistry military author Mary Ky Campbell ....

Fort Campbell, Kentucky



What are some other biological clock projects of Nature ..or some related projects.

H.G. Wells TIME Machine of year 1895 ...
recalls the Battle of Water100 of 1815


The Battle of Waterloo 18th June 1815
The Battle of waterloo 1815 in the Napoleonic Wars - between the British, Germans, Belgians, Dutch and Prussians against the French Grande Armee ...


This was the battle of water molcules VIA human carriers /agents.

The atomic mass of water = 18.

Thus the social chemistry battle of the 18th day .....and century ....year 18??


What are some modern water molecule chemistry --> social chemistry battles?

---> The water molecule battle was repeated with President Nixon and WATER Molecule logic gates ....called Watergate by the American Chemistry Society!

----> President Electron of water molecule electron societal thoughts in the human body
............................ron Reagan was shot at by an human agent of symbolic WORLD of Brand Names .......
Office Bottled Water Delivery | Hinckley Springs

Hinckley and Schmitt Bottled Water Group Chicago --> profile --> proton file

Research about Hinckley and Schmitt Bottled Water Group, including --> the periodic atomic table of elements of life..known as modern anthropology of the Margaret Mead nuclear family.

March 30, 1981 | President Reagan Is Shot -
Mar 30, 2012 – On March 30, 1981, President Ronald Reagan was shot and seriously injured outside a Washington hotel by John W. Hinckley Jr.


Thus we have the Jerry March graduate school textbook signal "Advanced Organic Chemsitry" battle report on the water molecules and their symbolic life DNA .....via .....subset letters of .... branD NAme.



---> President Clinton repeated the water molecule signal for the University of Wisconsin, Whitewater and the Whitewater travel agency affair.



---->The Battle of Water100 was repeated in year 2004 in Water100, Wisconsin. The players in this TIME drama involved the University of Wisconsin, Madison and Nature's Darwinian selection of biochemistry military commander NELSON. The Battle of Water100 was over the publishing of TIME magazine ..... physics space/time publication that reports on EVENTS of the Margaret Mead nuclear family of the periodic atomic table of life.

Now we know that

WATER100 .....has
...........100 .....
..........B100D time ..... and the
INTERNAL circulation of blood and its symbolic machines parallels

EXTERNAL ...... TIME cellulose magazine circulation to its readers


Thus we see a LINK between INTERNAL circulation and EXTERNAL news circulation .....and its a information message exchange LINK ...a correlation. The DEATH of TIME publishing in Water100 ...was a signal about B100D death of symbolic thought the human brain.

The new publisher of TIME....Quad Graphics. The owner of Quad Graphics met his DEATH TIME boundary in his Battle of Water100....he was accidently murdered by water molecules in a process named drowned. His estate gave some of his money to the blood arteries RD ceneter in Milwaukee known as the Milwaukee ART Center by Lake Michigan. Their...human arteries from around worlf ...look at ART pictures painted by other human arteries.......................thus suggesting the blood / hematolgy of a GROUP of people ..a community ...has some blood instinct ...blood self-awarness .....some blood social science hierarchy ........and that would explain ......why a van GOGH painting might be worth $10 million dollars.

The reason someone pays $50 million for a Picasso that the buyer gets some BLOOD ART social control system ...etc.


Who cares?
No one will help study this nasty signal from year 2004 about the Water100, Wisconsin community brain tragedy .


Consequently , we have year 2007 and MR. CHO --> C + HO = Clock Hour and BLOOD death at Virginina TECH.


Thus we have some CLUES as to the year 2000 problem ...the Y2K biological clock needed for your bio-computer brain processor.

Only you...can save your brain symbolic computer! I am just a guide ..... trying to find my own way thru this puzzle ...and reporting on the clues uncovered.



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