Quantico TIME technology War casualties at Virginia TECH



Nature's EARTH LAB has a quantum research center known as Quantico, Virginia.



Quantico, Virginia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Quantico is a town in Prince William County located in Washington Metropolitan Area. It is bordered by Marine Corps Base Quantico on three sides and the ...




Marine Corps Base Quantico

The Official Web Site of Marine Corps Base Quantico & the Quantico Sentry, Virginia, USA.

FBI — Training

The FBI Academy is located on 547 acres on a Marine Corps base in Quantico, Virginia about 40 miles south of Washington, D.C. Much of the FBI's training ...
Above, Computer Earth system 370 Doubleword region 64 = 32 + 32 with FBI  and Marine Doubleword agents  with  the 26 proton alphabet letters of  the ferrous oxide IRON atom in their b100d.
Thus we wonder....what goes on at Quantico?
Quantico ---> Quan + ti + co --> Quantum time code  ....atomic bio-physics experiments


Thus we re-evaluate the  government description of their facilites ....that appear to be Quantum TIME ...atomic experimental facilities.

QuanticoVirginia --> Quantum Time Code vi rg --> viewing region



Marine Corps Base Quantico 
--> Corps Base Quantico
---> Corpse  Base 16 hexadecimal Quantum time code




FBI — Training .......
F BI  T  --> Function BIT map education 



Bitmap Functions (DarWin --->Windows evolution) -  

30+ items – Windows GDI+ exposes a flat API that consists of about 600 ...
Creates a Bitmap::Bitmap object based on a stream (stream of consciousness). This function does not use ...


The above is just a suggested theory .... the close relationship between the idea.

Does empirical data possibly exist  ..that might relate to federal government secret  Quantico TIME CODE social manipulation projects?



To consider Qunatico TIME techology ...I suppose one would  go to a university like Virginia TECH.

Let's see what significant  TIME signals might be in the news from Virginia TECH   space/time time specialists.



The TIME specialist apparently would be  physics departments  and  the Virginia  TECH  English department with their TIME computer manual below.


The Time Machine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Time Machine is a science fiction novella by H. G. Wells, published in 1895 


Given the physics and English Department access to the  "TIME Machine"  theory and operations manual  .....

what TIME experiments  or biological clock experiments   may they have invented ....say  ...to solve  Nature's  year 2000 TIME BOUNDARY problem.


Let's look at DATA.

1) George Orwell 1984  and      Darwinian selection of people born in year 1984  become eligible for sacrifice for the TIME military mission.



Virginia Tech massacre - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Virginia Tech massacre was a school shooting that took place on April 16, 2007, on the campus of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in ...



3)Seung-Hui Cho ( January 18, 1984 – April 16, 2007) 


Thus we see the Quantico ..... Geoge Orwell TIME equation:

Born 1984 + April  16 =  year 2000  and the  human bio-computer   Y 2K biological  clock problen.  The problem was not fixed by year 2007  ---> Base 2  bio-math exponent  007  --> 128 decimal



The TIME COMPUTER manual  ...... failure to understand basic REALITY at Virginia TECH



493 × 750 - 1984




What BRAIN time manipulation tricks are brewing between Quantico and Virginia TECH?


Let's ask the English department about the TIME words within a sentence-->

English teacher --> There are twenty-four hours in one day.  (implying 24 hours  = 1 day)  
In math decimal --> There are  20 minus 4 hours in one day   (implying--> 16 hours in 1 day)



Thus we have 1 day  on the surface of EARTH in the solar system  and the astronomy departments, the English departments, and the math departments of all major universities in the wqorld   .......  refuse to help explain why  the question---


How many hours are there in one day?    ...... has  2 answers.


Will the Department  of Defense, the Pentagon ,and  DARPA  defend America in the space/TIME paradox  WARS?



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