Dr.WHO and the electromagnetic TIME WAR ships ---> HMS class.




Dr.Who is well-known to the public.


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Doctor Who is a British science fiction television programme produced by the BBC. The programme depicts the adventures of a Time Lord   .... time travelling, ...



Less known, is the serious project of Nature that involved the TIME LORD and the human electromagnetic WARS that started in year 2000 of year 2000.
Have you upgraded your eye /optical photon-computer with the Nature's   Y2K brain defense subroutine program?  No.
Let's look at the  hidden projects of  Dr.WHO --> World Health Organization  and the TIME health project.
1st let's  understand Y2K ---> Y-algebra  chromosome and the 2K data stream of consciousness needed  by humans after crossing the year 2000 quantum TIME boundary.  Let's consider the TIME military base on Earth that is maintained  at Quantico.




Project keyword
Project keyword
--> Quantico = Quan + ti + co =  Quantum time code
Specifically ....for the Dr.WHO time project
Base Quantico --- >  Base Quantum Time Code
Thus we ask ...several  questions ..... of the British and the year 2000 project
component  HMS  =    Hour, Minutes, Seconds  ...the project under the auspices of

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HMS. An abbreviation for "Her(His) Majesty's Ship" which is used to identify ships of the United Kingdom. The HMS Victory has just sailed into Plymouth harbour ...

Year 2000 secrets of the British photon military?     What are the Dr.WHO TIME ships?
HMS --> Hours, Minutes, Seconds ..... TIME SHIPs of Her Majesty's Secret Service.


  • Hertzian Waves (1901)

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    The particular form of electrical wave under consideration is that known as Hertzian waves, so termed from the comprehensive discoveries of Dr. Heinrich Hertz, ...

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    Hertz·i·an wave (hûrt s - n, h rt -). n. An electromagnetic wave, usually of radio frequency, produced by the oscillation of electricity in a conductor.



"Her Majesty's Ship"

"Her Ma ..........Ship"


Hertz  Maxwell  electromagnetic ships 

Heinrich Rudolf Hertz was a German physicist who clarified and expanded James Clerk Maxwell's electromagnetic theory of light, which was first demonstrated by David Edward Hughes using non-rigorous trial and error procedures


Thus we see the electromgnetic battles being fought on British television ...and the BBC programs broadcast in other countries ..such as the United States.    THe British EM = Electromagnetic commanders and diplomats   use the  British EM = Embassy locations arounf the world ...... the the British EM physics and electron engineeering agents stationed at the
EM = Electromagnetic field  offices ....the EM.bassy offices. 


Of course, the major Hertzian  wave war was in Yuglosalvia between 1992 and 1996 ......


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b Between 1994 and 1995, the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina was supported by, and was ... The war came about as a result of the breakup of Yugoslavia.




U.S. Involvement in Bosnia-Herzegovina


borders, which ... The joint Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina was formed in 1994 after the ...



The war continues .....Oak Creek, Wisconsin 


U.S. Involvement in Bosnia-Hertz egovina