Nicole Simpson murder --> an engineering DEMO of the Nichols plot technique and Simplex method of Linear programming

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In year 2014, we  have a hugh information database of engineering equations, formula, dictionaries, examples, lab test data, etc to help us undertsand the world and signaling EVENTS that may occur.
Let's look at such a signal that was in the newspapers  and on television.

Nicole Simpson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Nicole Brown Simpson (May 19, 1959 – June 12, 1994) was the former wife of professional football player O. J. Simpson.
Nicole Brown Simpson
Nicole brown simpson.jpg
Brown in 1993
Born Nicole Brown
May 19, 1959
Frankfurt, West Germany
Died June 12, 1994 (aged 35)
Brentwood, Los Angeles, U.S.
34°2′55″N 118°28′17″W
Cause of death
Resting place
Ascension Cemetery
Lake Forest, California
Other names Nicole Brown
Education Rancho Alamitos High School (Freshman/Sophomore Year)
Dana Hills High School (Junior/Senior Year)
Spouse(s) O. J. Simpson (February 2, 1985–October 15, 1992)

Nicole Brown Simpson (May 19, 1959 – June 12, 1994) was the former wife of professional football player O. J. Simpson AND lived in the EARTH LAB social engineering continuum of California.

The O. J. Simpson murder case (officially the People of the State of California vs. Orenthal James Simpson) was a criminal trial held at the Superior Court in Los Angeles County, California, that spanned from the jury being sworn in on November 2, 1994,[1] to opening statements on January 24, 1995,[2] to a verdict on October 3, 1995.[3] The former professional football star and actor O. J. Simpson was tried on two counts of murder after the deaths of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and a waiter, Ronald Lyle Goldman, in June 1994. The case has been described as the most publicized criminal trial in American history.[4] Simpson was acquitted after a trial that lasted more than eight months.
Let's look at the engineering contiinuum in California.
Does it exist?
Let's look at advanced SYMBOL MACHINE technology.

This blog paper uses Nature's  SYMBOL PROCESSORS that describe the earthly universe AND its contents.

Modern CMS (Content Management Systems) are used to describe EARTH contents   ....... .....  humans activities and  tragic signaling EVENTS.


In year 2014 ..... the TALE of 2 Cities provides an accurate perception of existence on EARTH.

1) physical existence of biology human beings, lumber houses, I-beams  of  iron/ cement/ glass office buildings, 4-wheeled automobiles with gasoline engines, etc

2) SYMBOL MACHINE existence ..... cities of black ink symbols and concepts --> chemistry books, computer manuals,   college textbooks on electronics,  books of algebra equations, etc., 


Thus we have modern view of EARTH .....  a symbol universe  that physical biology humans live within.  Humans are considered subsets  ...... living within.... embedded within Nature's symbol universe.


We are reminded of ....... 

Language in thought and action - S. I. Hayakawa - Google ... › Language Arts & Disciplines › Linguistics › General‎
A revised, updated edition of S. I. Hayakawa's classic work on semantics. He discusses the role of language, its many functions, and how language shapes our ...


Hayakawa: A Summary - Personal Homepages‎
Apr 22, 2008 - Semantics is primarily concerned with meaning and reference, i.e. what Hayakawa calls the relationship between the «map» and the «territory» ...


Maps and Territories -‎


Uit: Language in Thought and Action, door S.I. Hayakawa.
Chapter 2 Symbols Maps and Territories
There is a sense in which we all live in two worlds.



Let's look at the two worlds ...the symbol world of concepts and ideas is the source domain.   The destination range is the REAL  human world with murder or other crime events.

In our example of Nicole Simpson ..... the sorce domain is:



Nichols plot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Nichols plot is a plot used in signal processing and control design, named after American engineer Nathaniel B. Nichols. ... feedback theory (QFT) of Horowitz and Sidi, which is a well known method for robust control system design.



6.11. Nichols Chart Using MATLAB - Safari Books Online
6 Techniques for Determining Control-System Stability - 6.11. ... The control-system engineer does not have to go and find a pre-drawn Nichols chart when using ...


Thus .... in applied social engineering Nature's systems needs human objects for the equation DEMO.
Thus the Darwin SYMBOL selection using best approximation of proepr noun codes ....

Nichols --> subset letters --> 

Ni + chol +  S 

--> best name approximation found in the California citizen list of proper nouns -->

Ni + col + s --> Nicol + S --> Nicole Simpson



Nathaniel B. Nichols. ... feedback theory (QFT) of Horowitz 
................ Nichols. ... feedback theory (QFT) of Horo + wit  
................ Nichols. ... feedback theory (QFT) of Horror wits 

Wits - definition of Wits by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus and ...
The natural ability to perceive and understand; intelligence. 2. a. Keenness and quickness of perception or discernment; ingenuity. Often used in the plural: living ...
Thus we see the SYMBOL MACHINE and the living language in the source domain ---> mapping transformation of equation anger --> to the destination range  AND in that range ..the actualization of the equations into human HORROR activities.
Thus we see that the Nicole Simspon murder is really a social process control system FEEDBACK error signal ...that ought be understood by California univesities and their biased social science, humanities,  business, philosophy department   ...who ought try to think more clearly about  real REALITY .. instead of their Hollywood frame of reference for intellectual quality control standards.

Kato Kaelin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to O. J. Simpson murder case - [edit]. Kaelin came to notice for his role as a minor witness for the prosecution in the 1995 trial of O. J. Simpson for the ...

The Kato engineering signal .......



Ziegler-Nichols Method

In the 1940's, Ziegler and Nichols devised two empirical methods for obtaining controller parameters.
Their methods were used for h

non-first order plus dead time situations, 


and involved intense manual calculations.





Kaelin was nicknamed "Kato" as a child after the character played by Bruce Lee in the television series, The Green Hornet.[3]


He graduated from 

Nicolet High School  --> Nicolet --> nico + letter  --> letter about  EARTH  language social engineering systems



in Glendale, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, in 1977. 




Ziegler-Nichols closed-loop tuning method

The Ziegler-Nichols closed-loop tuning method allows you to h

use the ultimate gain value, Ku

and the ultimate period of oscillation, Pu


to calculate Kc


Thus, Kato from Nicolet High School was directed by Nature's system to rent the  guest coach house on the real estate property site of the EARTH signaling event.


Kaelin was staying in a guest house on the Simpson property and was present at the compound on the night of the two murders on June 12; thus, he witnessed some of Simpson's movements before and after the time of the murders




Thus we have the information string ..... Kato --> Nicolet High Scool,  Nicole Simpson, Night time of murder, and the Nichols murder plot technique.



The bio-engineering system in human information carrier Kato ...... his subconsciousness MIND link to Nature's various systems.

Of course, all humans have some type of connection of Nature's Sratre existentialism expressions ..... such as ... social engineering Attorney General .. Robert Kennedy .....also, a K  engineering information carrier.


File:Zieg-Nic Graph.jpg


Let's outline some more examples of the new posssibilities in  SYMBOL nand EQUATION technology .... the  possible social engineering CONTROL system  ..enforcemnt technology ....  using murder and the enforcement tool.


Thus the equations and concepts are the new DIRECTORs of events ... replacing the Hollywood movie director and his/her influence on American society thoughts and behavior. 


The Nichols plot engineering equation used for murder at NIL, Cole Hall oceanography class with solution K(s) --> Kazmierczak(Steven)


Advanced social ADJUSTMENT engineering equations tested at Northern Illinois University result in student casualties.  



Let's look at modern engineering applications  to society.  The new  SYMBOL MACHINE technology  use  words, equations, and languages to create EVENTS.

In some cases. the SYMBOL LIFE expresses its anger and the symbol equations in the SYMBOL UNIVERSE are transformed into physical REALITY as anger and violence displays.

Let's outline the process and then show a report that explains it with more detail.


The violent EVENT of interest -->

Northern Illinois University (NIU)  shooting

The Northern Illinois University shooting was a school shooting that took place on February 14, 2008. Steven Kazmierczak shot multiple people on the campus. 

At approximately 3:05 p.m. CST, Steven Kazmierczak entered a large auditorium-style lecture hall in Cole Hall (Auditorium 101) with approximately 120 students, where an oceanography class was in session.


Let's look at keywords, concepts and symbols  ......

- Northern Illinois University  --> abbreviated Ni

- Cole Hall Ocean class  --> CHO

- oceanography ---> graph

- Steven Kazmierczak --> intial S K --> Signal (engineering)  K






Thus, given this collection of concepts from the  EVENT database  .... we can  recognize this as an expression of  the Isaac Asimov "Psychohistory" concept ..... that math and engineering equations may control some of  society and human  events   that  may occur.

The database key data suggests ........


Nichols plot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Nichols plot is a plot used in signal processing and control design, named after American engineer Nathaniel B. Nichols.


Plot (graphics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
plot is a graphical technique for representing a data set, usually as a graph showing the .... Nichols plot : This is a graph used in signal processing in which the ...


Thus we see the graph in  SYMBOL data stream of the EVENT --> oceanography.

The Nichols equation --> Ni + CHO + ls --> Northern Illinois Cole Hall Oceanography 


Since 6 people got killed  ..we have the Nichols murder plot  ..... advanced murder engineering systems.



The human is an important component of the actualization of the engineering equation. 

dch17 nichols v2 solutions
M17.1 The vertical axis on the Nichols chart represents: (a) open loop ... Q17.2 A DC servo system has the open loop transfer function G(s) = K s(s+8) . Find the ...
in other words DeKalb, Illinois 

dch17    nicho  solutions --> northern illinois cole hall oceanography solutions
M17.1 The vertical axis on the Nichols chart represents: (a) open loop ... Q17.2 
A DC servo system has the open loop transfer function
G(s) = K s(s+8) . Find the ...  ...
with K s  represented by  Kazmierczak steven 




Solution #9 - Bison Academy
margin (for a Bode plot). zeta. % OS. Ts. Mm phase margin w(0dB) s ... a gain compensator (K(s) = k) which results in 40% overshoot using a Nichols chart.

 in other words .......


Solution #9 - Bison Academy
margin (for a Bode plot). zeta. % OS. Ts. Mm phase margin w(0dB) s .
.. a gain compensator (K(s) = k)
Steven Kazmierczak
Kazmierczak Steven 300.jpg
Born Steven Kazmierczak
August 26, 1980
Died February 14, 2008 (aged 27)
DeKalb, Illinois
Cause of death Self-inflicted gunshot wound


which results in 40% overshoot using a Nichols chart.


After shooting all six shotgun rounds, Kazmierczak fired on the room's remaining occupants with the 9mm Glock pistol, firing a total of approximately 50 rounds. He was reported to have walked up and down the west aisle and directly in front of or on the stage, firing at people as he went. He shot and killed himself before police reached the room. The police recovered 55 unexpended rounds of ammunition from the scene, including two fully loaded magazines containing rounds for a .380 semi-automatic pistol.[8]

A total of 25 people were shot, six of whom died (including the perpetrator, who shot himself before police arrived).

One witness reported that the gunman shot at least 30 rounds; police later collected 48 shell casings and 6 shotgun shells.[1

 Thus we see the SYSTEM equation's .....  overshoot signal  ... the  DEMO and police database of the Nicholas  murder plot technique   .....  as predicted by Isaac Asimov in the Foundation books  and his "Psychohistory"  theory of math ........ that math control equations may influence society happenings. 






The Polish heritage of Steven Kazmierczak  ......  states he is a 
pole with name intial  K.


Plotting System Responses - MATLAB & Simulink Example
The MathWorks
Bode plotsNyquist plots, and Nichols chart are three standard ways to plot and analyze the ... For example, consider the feedback loop in Figure 1 where ...
 For the gain value k = 0.7, 
you can plot the closed-loop poles and zeros using 


plot the closed-loop poles

plot the closed-loop poles

plot the closed-loop poles


Nichols chart - Control Systems Lab
In this toolbox the Nyquist plotNichols chart, and Bode plot are used. ... Note that poles and zeroes of D(s) that are in the LHP, or on the imaginary axis, do not affect the above ... Now, reconsider the closed loop transfer function (with K=1):.


 Note that poles and zeroes of D(s)

 Note that poles and zeroes of D(s)

 Note that poles and zeroes of D(s) .....transfer function (with K=1) --> Kazmierczak ..the chosen one.



Below, bio-math equations for K = Kazmierczak   and  s = steven




Below, the key words and concepts  ...... ...  with the Chicago loop (downtown Chicago) and the Chicago Polish-American community  and the engineers in the Chicago and Northern Illinois geography region ........... ..........


closed-loop poles at K = 1  ........




Nichols Plot | Electrical Engineering
Plot of M and N    circles   in gain phase plane is known as Nichols Plot.

Below, is the circle signal from the front of  Cole Hall on the DeKalb campus.



 The other circle in the geography region of Northern Illinois would be in Chicago  ...about 65 miles away.

University of Illinois' 'Circle Campus' opens - WBEZ
Feb 22, 2012 - On this day in 1965, Chicago got its first, full-fledged public university. The University of Illinois' Chicago Circle campus was dedicated.

University of Illinois at Chicago - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Its campus is in the Near West Side community area, adjacent to the Chicago Loop. .... Unlike the Navy Pier campusCircle was a degree-granting institution.


Thus we see the component of  a complicated EARTH engineering equation  ..

and N-circles, Nichols chart, Bode's gain-phase ... - Leonid Mirkin
Technion — IIT. Outline. Goals and means of  loop shaping. M- and N-circles. Nichols chart. Bode's gain-phase relation. Philosophical remark: Bode's sensitivity ...



Thus we have the component --> Chicago circle, the Cole Hall circle and Nichols plot, , and the Chicago LOOP  .... and humans 
--> What is Nature's systems architecture  message?   Is this a murder plot ... a plot .. a  Carl jung collective unconsciousness GROUP MIND  ... societal   scheme in the making?

 Thus we see some questions that need research.


Below, is a copy of another report about the Nichols plot  .... applied to the social sciences. 


The Nichols plot technique --> the death plot at Virginia Tech

The modern social science wars of atoms, math equations, gravity data fields, biochemistry molecules,

The tragic event at Virginia TECH university at Norris Hall engineering gives us insight to the engineering of  death using the  Nichols plot technique ......... adopted to human social process control systems; hence, the Nichols murder plot technique..


The EVENT that provides the  engineering  database clues -->

Virginia Tech massacre

The Virginia Tech massacre was a school shooting that took place on April 16, 2007, on the campus of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, Virginia, United States. Seung-Hui Cho, a senior at Virginia Tech, shot and killed 32 people and wounded 17 others in two separate attacks, approximately two hours apart.

Norris Hall shootings

About two hours after the initial shootings, Cho entered Norris Hall, which houses the Engineering Science and Mechanics program among others.


Above we have the keywords:  Norris (symbol N)  CHO  and engineering science


Using Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE of words,  living languages , concepts, and ideas we see the Norris Hall events as a  possible expression of SYMBOL MACHINE's thought system -->

Nichols plot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The Nichols plot is a plot used in signal processing and control design, named after American engineer Nathaniel B. Nichols.



Plot (graphics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia‎




plot is a graphical technique for representing a data set, usually as a graph showing ... Graphs of functions are used in mathematics, sciences, engineering, technology, .... Nichols plot : This is a graph used in signal processing in which the ...



an extended nichols chart with constant magnitude ... - Diego Regruto‎

by V Cerone - ‎Related articles

Nichols chart, Stability properties. 1. INTRODUCTION. This paper deals with a teaching project on analysis and design of feedback control systems for an un-.







The SYMBOL MACHINE  version of the Nicholas plot -->  the Nichols murder plot works with CAD systems ... social engineering Computer Aided Design of human CADAVERS   .... and Darwin CONCEPT   selection to optimize message content   .... .selected an engineering building for the message creation.





Norris Hall, which houses the Engineering Science and Mechanics program among others



Nichols Plot Design - MATLAB & Simulink - MathWorks‎

The MathWorks

Accelerating the pace of engineering and science ... An alternative method for designing compensators is to use the Nichols plot, which combines ... You can design compensators with the SISO Design Tool by using Nichols plot techniques.

Nichols Plot Design 

N i cho  l s Plot Design

Norris interface cho language systems Plot Design


Thus the equation needs a  CHO ..therefore the Darwin symbol selection  from the Virginia TECH student body LIST of proper  nouns ,,,,,,, the selection of  MR.CHO for   Nature's engineering military mission.


If the CONCEPT --> NiChols had a different name  .. like NiSmith  ..... then someone with the name of SMITH would have committed the Virginia TECH shooting. 


cho virginia.PNG


Seung-Hui Cho - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The shooting rampage came to be known as the Virginia Tech massacre. .... Cho was noted for being good at mathematics and English, and teachers pointed to ...

Cho was noted for being good at mathematics and English,

Cho was noted for being good at mathematics and English,

Cho was noted for being good at mathematics and English,

Nii + Cho + ls  was noted for being good at mathematics and English,

Nichols  was noted for being good at mathematics and English,

The system Nichols  was noted for being good at mathematics and English

Nature's  INTELLECT system  and Nichols Cho was noted for being good at mathematics and English,  ...... and being good for detecting English language newspaper stories being full of nonsense social policies  and incomplete explanations of REALITY.


To complete the engineering message ...we have a 3rd concept.

We had the Nichols plot  and Computer Aided Design of student CADAVERS.

The 3rd component of the the multi-faceted EVENT   ...............

Bode plot --> Bode --> Bodies plot --> dead Bodies plot for a cemetery plot 

Bode plot /ˈbdi/ is a graph of the transfer function of a linear, time-invariant system versus frequency, plotted with a log-frequency axis, to show the system's frequency response. It is usually a combination of a Bode magnitude plot, expressing the magnitude of the frequency response gain, and a Bode phase plot, expressing the frequency response phase shift.



Among his several important contributions to circuit theory and control theory, engineer Hendrik Wade Bode (1905–1982), while working at Bell Labs in the United States in the 1930s, devised a simple but accurate method for graphing gain and phase-shift plots. These bear his name, Bode gain plot and Bode phase plot. "Bode" is pronounced /ˈbdi/ BOH-dee (Dutch: [ˈbodə]).[1][2]

The magnitude axis of the Bode plot is usually expressed as decibels of power, that is by the 20 log rule: 20 times the common (base 10) logarithm of the amplitude gain. With the magnitude gain being logarithmic, Bode plots make multiplication of magnitudes a simple matter of adding distances on the graph (in decibels), since

Bode phase plot is a graph of phase versus frequency, also plotted on a log-frequency axis, usually used in conjunction with the magnitude plot, to evaluate how much a signal will be phase-shifted. For example a signal described by: Asin(ωt) may be attenuated but also phase-shifted. If the system attenuates it by a factor x and phase shifts it by −Φ the signal out of the system will be (A/x) sin(ωt − Φ). The phase shift Φ is generally a function of frequency.

 Bode phase plot

 Bodie phase plot


 Bodies  phase plot

 Bode phase plot

 Bodies social engineering  ADJUSTMENT  phase plot


virginia tech 34.PNG


 Bode phase plot

 Bode phase plot

 Bode phase plot



Below,  higher education and the high-pass filter of university systems integrity

bode plot engineering nichols plot.PNG




Figure 1(a): The Bode plot for a first-order (one-pole) highpass filter; the straight-line approximations are labeled "Bode pole"; phase varies from 90° at low frequencies (due to the contribution of the numerator, which is 90° at all frequencies) to 0° at high frequencies (where the phase contribution of the denominator is −90° and cancels the contribution of the numerator).



Thus far we have the sequence of concepts and plots ..... Nichols plot,  CAD applications to campus students, Bode plot ..... and now the cemetery plot.


virginia tech porte 1.PNG

Reasons for Dissenting from the Philosophy of M. Comte by Herbert ...‎

Marxists Internet Archive

Herbert Spencer (1864) ... There are coexistences and sequences of all degrees of commonness from those which are ever present to .... If it be admitted that by the aboriginal man, as by the child, the co-existent properties of large surrounding ...


There are coexistences and sequences of all degrees

There are coexistences and sequences of all degrees

There are co-existences and sequences of all degrees including Bachelor of ARTs degrees from universities .................   and the sequence laws state that graduates from Virginia TECH ought help explain the tragic event   ..... instead of the incomplete and nonsense  explanations that still exist in year 2014.



Other applications of engineering technology to social adjustment engineering are ..

Nicholas murder plot technique   AND the  

Linear Programming: Chapter 2 The Simplex Method - Princeton ...‎

Princeton University

Linear Programming: Chapter 2. The Simplex Method. Robert J. Vanderbei. October 17, 2007. Operations Research and Financial Engineering. Princeton ...


Thus the  Nicholas plot and the Simplex Method  are factors in the generated EVENT -> the murder of Nicole Simpson. ...........................  O. J. Simpson ( systems)  murder case




Nicholas murder plot technique at the Cole Hall shooting.

The Northern Illinois University shooting (NIU)  was a school shooting that took place on February 14, 2008. Steven Kazmierczak shot multiple people on the campus of Northern Illinois University in DeKalbIllinois, killing five people and himself (6 dead).


At approximately 3:05 p.m. CST, Steven Kazmierczak entered a large auditorium-style lecture hall in Cole Hall (Auditorium 101) with approximately 120 students, where an oceanography class was in session.