Math brain MAPS war status report. 
Symbolic maps help understand  BRAIN geography terrain --> the surface features of  symbolic lands, thoughts, concepts INSIDE the human SKU11  and their relationship to the EXTERNAL world of farm land.  




In this blog post, we shall outline a relationship between physical reality on the geography surface of EARTH and symbolic reality ..such as mathematics equations that exist is various formats: 
a) inside the math student brain 
b) on cellulose paper in a math textbook 
c) as a physical object (buildings or automobiles) that exist because of the engineering drawings and calculations THAT preceed physical existence 

Thus we have a sense ...some idea of a SECRET process ..... that has been suggested by authors: 

Galileo book ---> 2 Chief WORLD systems and the astronomy battle of the WORLD TRADE CENTER on Sept 11, 2001 ......representing the 2 WORLD systems battle where: 
a) Governor of New York --> Eliot Spitzer from January 1, 2007 to March 17, 2008 Demo of Democratic Party experiments 
b) The Mission - NASA Spitzer Space Telescope 

Using super-symmetry physics ....  we see Nature's parallel processing dimensions.
a) Governor  Spitzer with EARTH warehouse ..the geography state of NEW YORK.
b) NASA Spitzer engineers  comprise another group/ level of thought  ....of the warehouse of IDEAS.
Thus we have .....Nature's view of the Governor of NEW .....Isaac NEWTON gravity state of NEW YORK ....
The highest office in the STATE of  NEW(ton) York --> the STATE of the gravity field in the EARTH government of NATURE

The Spitzer Space Telescope prior to launch
General information
NSSDC ID 2003-038A
Organization NASA / JPL / Caltech
Major contractors Lockheed Martin
Ball Aerospace
Launch date 2003-08-25, 05:35:00 UTC
Launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida

formerly the Space Infrared Telescope Facility


 Above, we have the physics version of  infra-red REALITY and various instruments.

Super-symmetry ...... mirror of Nature .... to complement and balance different approaches of inquiry....give a 2nd point of VIEW of infra-red technology. 
Below, we have the bio-physics infra-red studies needed by the NATURE of man do comparative analysis of the infra-red spectrum.

The Spitzer Space Telescope (SST), formerly the Space Infrared Telescope Facility (SIRTF) is an infrared space observatory launched in 2003. It is the fourth and final of the NASA Great Observatories program.

The planned mission period was to be 2.5 years with a pre-launch expectation that the mission = MISS  I/O naked research in infra-red hot body emissions ...with advanced B.F.Skinner theory. 

Spitzer Space Telescope
Spitzer .................cope ....copenhagen biophysics  with the Niels Bohr theory of emotions and feelings
Eliot Spitzer
54th Governor of New York
In office
January 1, 2007 – March 17, 2008
Lieutenant David Paterson



160 × 209 - Profile of Eliot Spitzer, Former New York 


Governor Eliot Spitzer of New York is linked to prostitution ring - The ...

Governor Eliot Spitzer of New York is linked to prostitution ring - The ...
Mar 10, 2008 – ALBANY, New York — Governor Eliot Spitzer of New York has been caught on a federal wiretap 
arranging to meet with a high-priced prostitute ...
arra..............................high  ...
array ..linear algebra  ... high-priced  awareness TEST for NASA .

Governor Eliot Spitzer of New York is linked to prostitution ring - The ...


G    El   Spi      of New    is linked to pro     ring - 

Gravity Elements Spin of Newton is linked to proton ring ...

thus a message from Nature's atomic/ astrophysics communications continuum VIA
the atomic biophysics expressor ...  agent SPITZER and his signaling behavior to the Office of Science and university science departments.


Thus..the lack  of recognition ..suggests that FermiLAB, NASA, Harvard, MIT humanoids LACK a vital mcompoinet of existence  ...known to moelcular cell biology as the SRP atomic bio-physics particle.   In their words....



Signal recognition particle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The signal recognition particle (SRP) is an ...... cytosolic, universally conserved ribonucleoprotein (protein-RNA complex) that recognizes and targets ...


Signal recognition particle receptor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Signal recognition particle (SRP) receptor, also called docking protein, is a dimer composed of 2 different subunits that are associated exclusively with the rough ...



500 × 502 - As we alluded to previously, disgraced former New  ---> Newton gravity field WAR   with NASA and their  secrets of  social science  ..........results  in the G = Gabby Giffords gravity shooting near ROUTE 66 ....Arizona  and the Universal  Gravitational  Constant GUN battle   ...with G = 6.6 X 10 exponent -11. 

Thus we have a series of  major information OMISSIONS  by NASA and  their university and corporate friends..
regarding the 
a) Spitzer  and NEW YORK gravity fields that interact with brain  atomic mass
b) The Galileo astronomy battle  at the  2 CHIEF WORLD (Trade ) Center (of Mass) systems on Sept 11,2001
c) the G UNIT of gravity battle with NASA associated  gravity agent G = Gabby Giffords....
..........GUN   is the weapon of choice for gravity brain bio-computer subroutines 

Thus NASA,  FermILAB, the OFFICE of SCIENCE, etc are caught in NATURE's vast super-symmetry  TRAP for refusing diplomatic communications regarding  the Margaret Mead nuclear family ...atomic social science conflicts involving gravity field  LIFE and magnetic field LIFE ...both of Einstein's  FIELD THEORY components interact with the atomic mass of IRON in the human body / brain proteins. 

Charles Dickens book --> Tale of 2 Cities 

C.P. Snow 1959 Lecture --> 2 Cultures 
J.R.R. Tolkien book --> TWO TOWERS Man --> Manuscript
..........Toll of death ..... TWO TOWERS Man --> Manhattan with SEPT 11, 2001

Chapter IV.: The Correspondence Between Life and Its 
Herbert Spencer, The Principles of Psychology [1855] ... 
Author: Herbert Spencer .... form links in the correspondence between internal and external changes. .... life will be—The continuous adjustment of internal relations to external relations. 

DF] Herbert Spencer's Theory of Causation* 
by GH Smith - Cited by 2 - 
In An Autobiography Herbert Spencer recalls that he "early became possessed by the ..... the correspondence between our ideas and unknowable reality? Since we are ... adjustment of internal relations to external relations." ~Un organism is ... 

An introduction to the philosophy of Herbert Spencer - Page 58 - Google Books Result 
William Henry Hudson - 1904 
Some of the most striking features of Spencer's treatment of the two last- ... as " the continuous adjustment of internal relations to external relations," Spencer ... of life varies as the correspondence varies between organism and environment ... 

Thus we see various processes involved ......and different perceptions of REALITY by some very educated and intelligent people  .....suggesting that we have different brain maps....that is brain symbolic maps. This difference is both good and bad. Nature's likes different serious symbolic expressions ...BUT needs some common denominator of thought for its  bio-computer operating software systems.
Take for example..the human heart. It can be considered like a computer:
It has hardware (the physical biology) and software (the pulse rate,etc). Now, Nature's design TEAM built the heart  and the associated software. Nature has a rather STANDARD heart MODEL that is used around  the world by different people.  

Nature expects the same STANDARD  to be partially TRUE  ...... in modern  human  communications  theory using the English language with basic math and basic science concepts the college freshman textbook level.  This is not happening.   Thus we must look at the possible problem.
S.I.Hayakawa in the English semantics book " Language in Thought and in Action"  provides may CLUES about language and the human brain symbolic processor. Using his concept.....that  one  WORD ... may have several different definitions OR acquire additional meaning over time ...we can better see a situation.
Gene ???
Gene and the 23 chromosome student hostages at  Marinette High School, Wisconsin  ...NATURE versus the University of Wisconsin results in the  death of SAMPLE Space agent SAM Hengel.... as the University of Wisconsin fails to study and EXPLAIN the   Lewis Carroll experimental protocol theory in social engineering experiments with feedback signals. 

Classic Novels | Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
Here one of the guinea-pigs cheered, and was immediately suppressed by the officers of the court. (As that is rather a hard word, I will just explain to you how it ...
Boy Scout Association  refuses to help explain the process ..... that trapped  guinea-pig SAM HENGEL.
Gene ???
Gene Hackman and Hollywood  distribution of  genetic brain  instructions VIA movies ...approved by puppet string theory physics AND  Marionette High School, Wisconsin.
Hayakawa  suggested that one must rank these various levels of WORD definitions/usages some manner of importance.
He suggested the usage of subscripts  ..thus gene(1) ....gene(2)  ........ gene(k)  ..gene (k+1)....gene (n).
Now the education system ...ought place  the concept of genes and 23 chromosomes in position 1 ...something you learn as a high school senior or  college student.
Now Sam Hengel probably saw a GENE Audrey cowboy movie on  television  ...shooting a gun problem with that. 
.................................................GENE ................boy.....  ...except that the BSA and UW, Madison have some SUBLIMINAL MIND level .... brain manipulation project  ...and it went awary. 
Okay, bio-computer programming BUGS  happen ..... so let;'s fix the BUG ...just like fixing  a copper-wire computer programs BUGS.

S.I.Hayakawa in the English semantics book " Language in Thought and in Action"  ...the  Hayward TRIAL of the eye/ optical nerve  VERSUS the UNiversity fo Wisconsin English Department.    Darwinian  selected agent VANG = V + ANG --> Vector  angstroms  of  light and the CITY of light
..... c = 186,000 miles per second ...the  information CITY of symbolic people within the electromagnetic velo.CITY   ...and the WAR with Madison, Wisconsin bull-stories  ......  nonsense people thoughts  VERSUS  the AGE of Enlightment and the optical photon spirit of Voltaire and other thinkers ...who ..if alive today...would recognize their responsibilty to Nature and intellectual  integrity ...a sharp contrast to university social science awareness standards.
Failure of University of Wisconsin  arrogance  to consider the Hayakawa trial in Hayward ...started a chain reaction:
Language in ACTION ---> Virgina TECH English  department shooting
Language in ACTION ---> Columbine HIGH School Library 
Language in ACTION ---> Fort Hood Soldier READ Center
Language in ACTION ---> Cole Hall and the George Orwell "OCEANIA" shooting
Language in ACTION ---> 
The HAYAKAWA  WARS  ......chain of thought...keywords above....
English department, Library, Read , Oceania and the U.S.Navy  GESTALT perception errors
Now  let's look at  the  MATH brain and its various symbolic maps.  Let's outline an example of what might happen .... in the  Herbert Spencer INTERNAL math stream of consciousness  and  its correspondence/ math mapping to the EXTERNAL  level of human conflict  events that occur on the geography surface of EARTH.
When we go to elemenatry grammmer school we acquire out first major concepts of various worlds in existence on EARTH.
We learn the world of symbols, English and arithematic, geography maps , states and their capitols, etc.
What might OR ought happen in the brain education system.
1) our first impressions of REALITY ...come to our eyes/ optical nerve  as geography images...trees, farms, city parks, builkdings, automobiles,etc.
2) with the physical geography we see about us gives us geography books with pictures and maps ...thus extending  our LOCAL coomunity perception of geography to a world wide concept of the round EARTH globe/atlas.  Magazines like the National Geographic Magazine  and others ...... help enhance that worldly VIEW with pictures and explanations.  TV  travel and exploration documentaries also help.
3) Associated with this concept of physical geography ...are maps drawn on cellulose paper and printed ...with proper  noun identifiers of countries, major cities, rivers, mountain ranges,etc.
NATURE expects this to happen establish an initial correlation .... a  basic  association  between eye/retina optical images and perceptions of physical geography EXTERNAL to the human body (geology soil, land ,trees)  that become INTERNAL optical pictures of those physical entities  ...... AND associated with those pictures and concepts are words, proper nouns., maps with locations and relative positions.
Thus the  EXTERNAL physical geography layout  ought correspond to the  INTERNAL brain  symbolic geography map.
This is taught to millions of grammer school  students ......and they all ought have the same primary BRAIN level assossciations.
Thus elementary school teachs  atomic elemenatry particles ...that are in an atomic  aggregate B.F.SKIN Skinner package known as a young  humanoid.
IRAN and IRAQ are in the  Middle East on a geography map.
China is in Asia  and China is pottery, dinner dishes, soup bowls and CHINA = CHI + NA = Chicago North America.
New Mexico has highway ROUTE 66 to test the LINK between the gravity constant with  MOVING automobile mass and weight. 
Thus established ...we have the FOUNDATION level of the brain ... llike author Isaac Asimov.
We have the  FOUNDATION symbols and words ...and word SECRET extensions.
4) education  continues ...we learn geography states and their capitols:
State of Colorado
State of Alabama
5) now we go to college color television
The geography State of COLORADO has thru Darwinian symbolic evolution of the brain  BECOME at
State of MIND...State of Color the eye/optical nerve with Hollywood color television shows and Hollywood TECHni.COLOR movies,etc.
Then the Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic computer REACTS ......because Nature is tired of the citizen/government approval of Hollywood and Madison Avenue advertising optical manipulation tricks.  These optical PLOTS and SCHEMES  are designed to deceive and trick the BRAIN decision centers.  Who causes this.  It appears that the human species is partitioned into brain application sub-species.
Thus we have EAR/music people, EAR/talk people, food/restaurant MOUTH people, and a few SERIOUS optical math. physics, chemistry, engineering  EYE people.   Thus the EAR and the MOUTH tribes ....CAUSED  the Nature's brain engineering  DEFENSE  team to react.
Thus the CAUSE ( citizen and university  approval of optics nonsense and English language  LIES and falsehoods) .....
and the EFFECT ....Nature's  States of MIND ...... and the INTERNAL optical ..photon  battlefield  GETS transformed to EXTERNAL world of  directly visible  human daily activities and events the field.
The first television/movie  OPTICAL WAR photon news to arrive the directly visible level of display ...a television show ....was ....specifically   STAR TREK,  STAR TREK the Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and and similar shows.  They  have photon torpedos   ......that describe 2 levels of existence:
a) the existence of...say a  present or future NASA space station  up in the sky or on the MOON  .....and space station battles with other countries.
That is the direct message of the TV show and it is  interesting and good  to watch.  Thus Cape Canaveral and rockets .....solid physics and solid engineering of tangible, physical metals and fuels,etc.  Thus the EXTERNAL world ..on the surface of EARTH with   research labs and rocket engine tEST sites,etc.
Thus EXTERNAL means outside your human body.  Inside your body are 2 major parts:  biology and symbols. 

b) the telvsion shows ....indirectly  describe  ..... in REAL molecular cell biology  terms  of everyday optical life ....the photon / symbols and equations INPUT DATA  to  the human bio-optical computer ...the eye/retina/iris and its  optical processor of BLACK INK symbols and equations and physics formula..
Thus we see ......on EXTERNAL television display for all serious researchers to see  ....CAPTAIN Picard, Data, Riker and others explain  the INTERNAL brain wars with music sounds in harmonics , photons, electromagnetic waves, etc.  
Now ....we have the code of intellectual SILENCE in Washington,DC  with  EM =  Electro.Magnetic  human life form categories: EM =  EM.bassy bio-physics leaders  and EM = EM.ployees of various companies and government agencies. 
Now, let's review the CODE of silence, arrogance, and playing dumb.
The geography State of COLORADO has thru Darwinian symbolic evolution of the brain  BECOME at 
State of MIND...State of Color the eye/ optical nerve/ brain photon computer ..... with Hollywood color television shows and Hollywood TECHni.COLOR movies,etc.
Thus we see 2  tragic consequences ...
a) State of COLOR ...shooting at a  movie house in Aurora,  Colorado with the RED-Headed signal by Mr.Holmes.
The Universities in Colorado  .... are to lazy to TRY to  comprehend anything or help others that do research on such serious  matters. 
b) Hollywood movies and television  shows are made  in a process  called SHOOTINGS ...with a stage setting, actors,  cameras,etc.
Thus lets take a  TECHni.COLOR camera shooting and the TV show with CHUCK Norris  .....and the human brain  bio-computer  programs  wish to optimize  the ENGLISH language theatrical  performance
...thus the Darwinian selection of the CHOSEN ONE .....E_Pluribus_unum (ONE out of MANY is chosen for Nature's message delivery system).......
...and thus the parameters that help guide and direct the tragic event ....    
TECHni.COLOR camera shooting and the TV show with CHUCK Norris
Virginia TECH  shooting Norris Hall with CHOSEN Data --> CHO send data to external world for the few conscious humans left with  gestalt awareness.
Thus...we have STATES of MIND ---> States of COLOR ....such as COLORADO
What are math STATES of  MIND  --> States of NC  ...Numerical Control states --> North Carolina

Now, let's look at math brain levels, perceptions,  and BRAIN social science and  math confusion  EXISTENT  at the  University of Wisconsin, Madison.


a) in grammer school and high school we learn about the geography region of Bavaria, EUROPE and the country of IRAN by the Persian Gulf. 



b) What happens after you attend the University of Wisconsin, Madison  and are a member of the Carl Jung collective unconsciousness of  tricks and schemes  ...of the university collective comprised of the students, professors, and campus employees. 


What happens to IRAN?


1) IRAN  ..geography country

2) I ran down the street to get  home ...before it started to rain.

3) I ran with a  football on the Camp Randall football field.

4) I Ran ...the study of Independent  Random variables by math students

5) Iran --> Independent Random Variable math texbooks published by John Wiley & sons 

6) Iran --> Independent Random Variables with theory of CHANCE with Chancellor  John Wiley ...whose university people and their college graduate have dropped the ball 

7) Iran --> Independent Random Variable published by John Wiley & sons  
and  the newspaper picture of the the  
chance/ probability of LIFE  with molecular CELL biology  expression agent and the orders of NATURE .....
Chance ...............................................CELL...............................................or CHANCELLOR  .....JOHN WILEY's signal  that has been ignored 


and Nature's  geography region of Base Variables (Bavaria, Europe) of geo-math-physics  is wondering about the University of Wisconsin's intellectual ability to understand the 1943 Salavador Dali message on geo-political systems,etc. Of course, Germany can't be bothered to understand themselves ...... they have the same political  party system like America: dinner parties, birthday parties, office Christmas parties, etc.    That takes up alot of intellectual time ...and of course, has philosophical priority ... with a  glass of beer. 

Thus we see...the  confusion at UW, Madison ...and CAMP RAN football mentality.


Another exmaple of  the mathematical-physics BRAIN WAR   ...involves the huamn brain and its atomic thought components with Paul Dirac.

Somewhere ......deep  inside a professors ...are the equations and conepts of DIRAC  ..that are under attack  by brain cannibal subroutines. 



Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac, OM, FRS[2] ( 8 August 1902 – 20 October 1984) was an English theoretical physicist who made fundamental contributions to the early development of both quantum mechanics and quantum electrodynamics. He held the Lucasian Chair of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge, was a member of the Center for Theoretical Studies, University of Miami, and spent the last decade of his life at Florida State University.

Among other discoveries, he formulated the Dirac equation, which describes the behaviour of fermions, and predicted the existence of antimatter.

Dirac shared the Nobel Prize in Physics for 1933 with Erwin Schrödinger, "for the discovery of new productive forms of atomic theory."[3]



Paul Dirac
Born Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac
8 August 1902
Bristol, England
Died 20 October 1984 (aged 82)
Tallahassee, Florida, USA
Residence United Kingdom
Nationality Switzerland (1902–19)
United Kingdom (1919–84)
Fields Physics (theoretical)
Institutions University of Cambridge
University of Miami
Florida State University


The DIRAC battlefields ...within the human brain  and in within  the periodic table of elements  ....... are modern Margaret Mead nuclear family ...atomic anthropology conflicts  that are  hidden from direct VIEW.   Hidden from direct VIEW ..... Nature's systems managers  AMPLIFY and TRANSFORM the  hidden conflict  INTO  a visble conflict on the geography surface of EARTH ...the conflict visible as human conflicts.

Let's look at some practical examples...that explain themselves.


DIRAC in 1984 --> expression paramters --> D + IRA + C =  Dublin Irish republican Army Catholic  ...and the conflicts.

What is the Irish Republican  ArmyCatholic or protestant? - Yahoo .

10 answers - May 16, 2008

Top answer: The IRA, which is mostly disbanded, was a Catholic organization. The native inhabitants of Ireland were Catholic at the time that the English invaded ...


Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) (aka, PIRA, "the provos ...
Mar 16, 2010 – The provisional Irish Republican Army, or IRA, is an outgrowth of an older group ... Reacting to discrimination against Catholics in the British-ruled ... II's uncle and the last Viceroy of India;; the 1984 bombing of a Brighton hotel ...



Official Irish Republican Army - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Official Irish Republican Army or Official IRA (informally "the Officials" or "the ... the Protestant and Catholic working classes, fomented and continued by the ..... by Provisional IRA (1984); Anglo-Irish Agreement between British and Irish ...



What is the Irish Republican Army, Catholic or protestant? 

What is the Irish                              Cat       pro test ant?  
What is the Irish = Carbon atom proton tset anthropology.


Nature's geo-political perception of Dublin = Du + Blin = Double BLIND atomic social science anthropology experiments for DuPAGE county geography region of FermiLAB and the STATE of Ill/sick NOISE ( Stae of Mind ....  Illinois). 



DIRAC in 2002 thru 2012 -->  
ORBITAL  expression paramters -----> D   + IRA + C  ......... explained with subset algebra
O....I    L  organic chemistry.......  baghDAD , IRA  Q-variables conflict


ORBITAL expressions ....atomic English language  ..algebra subset letetrs

........TAL  --> pointer to Tallahassee FSU

.........TALiBan --> TALLahasee interface Ba = Base  an = atomic number  an = answer




baghDAD , IRAQ ....... reconfigure the cryptic code in known physics people /theory ...

...........D IRA  Q --> q-numbers and q-variables



  • From c-Numbers to q-Numbers

    q-Numbers. In "The fundamental equations" Dirac had adopted Heisenberg's original definition of quantum variables as arrays of ordinary numbers, and also the ...


    Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac Biography |
    Get a detailed Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac biography from ... where h is Planck's constant and p and q some canonically conjugate variables.


"The fundamental equations" Dirac had adopted Heisenberg

"The.........mental equations" Dirac had adopted Heisenberg

"The ...damen  equations"  --> Damen Avenue, Milwaukee Avenue, North Avenue...1984 and the Flat Iron Building and the Busy Bee POLISH restaurant ... with advanced geo-physics SECRET RD.


here h is Planck's constant

here h is Plan ....cons 

here hubbleton  is Plan  --> thus we see Nature's project plaln unfold  ...pieces of the Grand Unified Theory revealed.




Near IRAQ  on the geo-math EARTH geography surafce area IRAN = Independent Random variables.

Thus we have 2 geography math countries.  This is similar to the CALTECH logarithms life form from LOG + AN, UTAH with time origination point of year 1940.  

IRAQ and IRAN ..... and the EARTH government matematical-physics BASE variable region (Bavaria, Central Europe).


Iraq and Iran

Reading .... Iraq to Iran, I think .......  keeping this in mind:


By nature of religious affinity and geography, Iran was always bound to play an outsized role inside Iraq. As several people have pointed out already, the era when Iranian influence was at its lowest ebb inside Iraq was when a Sunni autocrat ruled the country. Moreover, in a democratic Iraq with a loser political structure, Iran is going to have far more levers of influence inside Iraq. It's unavoidable. 


Above message identifier NOUNS:

Syria --> Sy --> symmetry physics and super-symmetry physics and geo-physics and  brain  geography maps inside theorists ... who from Nature's INTELLECTUAL VIEW are subset intellectuals living with the multi-facted dimensions of Sartre existentialism other words  TOE = Theory of Everyhting includes theorists ......who have somehow EXCLUDED themselves from the concept of EVERYTHING.     Brain symbolic paradox ERROR.


baghdaD IRAQ --> D  IRA Q --DIRA + Q-numbers and variables --> DIRAC + Q...(TV character with Captian Picard)


IRAN --> I + RAN --> Independent Random variables


AFGHanistan ----> AF  + Stan --> Hexadecimal Base 16 HEX'AF' = 175 missing from STAN --> STANDARD model omissions ....

OM--> OMissions casue OMAHA  shooting at  the West Road Mall ...signal for camBRIDGE University .....
.................................O + MA + HA ---> hellO Math Hawking WEST ROAD  DAMTP attention to your message processing region on Computer EARTH system 370.
The  human bio-computer communications BRIDGE  of cam.BRIDGE ain't working properly  ...fix your Y2K  bi c kl s



At the other end of the idea spectrum ..we have Nature's  vast project that started in Year 1453...titled GUT theory with GUTENBERG printing press.  The printing of many books ... enabled the eye/optical nerve and BLACK INK symbols to begin a 500 year project (year 1500 thru year 2000 ...part of the Y2K  ... 2000 year project of the  Nature's brain engineering TEAM molecules) Today GUT is better known as Grand Unified Field theory   and the TOE = Theory of Everything.   


Thus we see many CLUES to an interesting puzzle.  Curious? Much work and thought remains to be done.