Jewish gravity DATA on their interaction with the hydrogen atom and hydrocarbon molecular thoughts.



SCIENCE WAR research has produced various CAUSE --> EFFECT models that help explain some  events....such as  some accidents and deaths.

Here we shall look at the EARTH hydrocarbon continuum that humans live within.
Let's a background view established.

The astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Planet Earth) is an interesting test location. A distant astrophysics observer ....... would see the earth as an atomic structure. Thus viewed, we could consider the astrophysics view of EARTH LAB events as atomic/molecular data events. In particular, physical chemistry --> social chemistry.

Grand Unified Theory (GUT) includes the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family ..... that is atomic social anthropology, atomic political science, atomic social psychology, etc. Hence, the periodic atomic table government and the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family VIEW of life.


Thus ... we see that humans and humans institutions are subsets embedded within the atomic / astrophysics continuum .... an EARTH LAB atomic/astrophysics existential space .... an EARTH LAB atomic /astrophysics spectrum containing a variety of elements including human daily activities and events. Here, we concern ourselves with the   hydrocarbon bandwidth (with humanoids)  within  Nature's larger existential continuum.


Let's look at a specific EARTH LAB  case.


The hydrocarbon molecular continuum and the social philosophy and religious expressions. 

Earth's organic molecular continuum with HC = Hydro-Carbon molecule agents  HC = Hebrew Congregations ...... that is .....  groups of organic chemistry  structures in humanoid FORMAT.


The organic chemistry hydrocarbon molecular SOCIAL SYSTEM    and the Jewish gravity signal.


Questions about the Hebrews and Judaism
What gave them the power to say that there was only one God? ... of God led naturally to believing that he was a universal god


 universal God

 universal G + od

 universal gravitational constant = G  --> 1/3  of the 3 alphabet symbols of GOD ...
the remainder  2/3  --> Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE  2 letters --> od.




Let's just look at the math number  ... using basic algebra ..... a fraction of one hundred  .... 66.7 / 100 = 2/3 leaving 1/3.


Now, Jewish physics students (and Catholic, Lutheran and Arabic science students)  claim ......that gravity field interaction with human MASS --> weight on a bathroom scale in pounds (or kilograms).




Questions about the Hebrews and Judaism

What gave them the power to say that there was only one God?


that there was only one 

that there was only one 

that there was only one 

that there was only one 


Hydrogen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Jump to Electron energy levels - Main article: Hydrogen atom

Chemistry -

The number of electrons is equal to the number of protons. It is more accurate to ..... Hydrogen atoms contain one electron and one proton


Images for hebrew one    interaction with  gravity ...... universal god



Thus we see atomic English language symbol H = Hydrogen  and e = electron .......   H e  --> atomic humanoids with Nature's  EARTH LAB identifier of He = Hebrew.



Thus  the atomic English lanaguage  and its various atomic dialects and atomic speciality social and cultural languages   ...  with words and letters, graphic shapes,  and type font formats of expression.



Let's look at more detail  ... an example of periodic atomic table evolution ..... starting with the hydrogen atom and its pathway of expression.   Hydrogen atom --> water molecule H2O --> HC = Hydro-Carbons by  Nature's organic  chemsitry molecular engineers
--->  Hebrew hydrogen spoke persons -->  HC = Hebrew College organic humanoid formats and spoke persons --> year 2013 perceptions of  theology and Sartre existential   REALITY.



The example to the mystery puzzle  ..... the  intellectual  challenge of   Hebrew and Jewish thinkers. 




Hebrew union College --> social and theological research in hydrocarbon molecule thought structures


This example  will be in 2 parts.

1st we shall cover   Hebrew atomic  religious expressions and then 2nd  ..... ..we will cover  Hebrew union College science  and religion studies. 


Ancient Jewish religious messages revealed in year 2013.

The Hebrew physics equation "Chosen One"


Let's look at some ancient words and phrases.

What do they  really say in terms of the   atomic English language and the ZINJAN skull  Y2K  processor  of  the  2K data stream of consciousness  update to  Nature's  SYMBOL MACHINE.

Ancient secret codes  of  modern Jewish scientists.

What is the

Hebrew word for chosen one - › ... › TranslationsEnglish to Hebrew

There isn't a single word with this meaning, and the translation of "chosen" depends on context. For example: chosen door = delet nivcheret (דלת נבחרת) chosen ...

What is the ....... 
Hebrew word for chosen one 

H  .......  word for ..........en one 
H = Hydrogen atom energy one .... electron

Why is hydrogen's atomic number 1?‎

The atomic number is equal to the number of protons in an atom's nucleus. Hydrogen's atomic number is 1 because all hydrogen atoms contain exactly one ..

Jewish theory  
--> Atomic Number  one
 --> the chosen one

Chemistry molecule thought evolution  --> social chemistry --> theology chmesitry › ... › Element Atomic Numbers

by Anne Helmenstine - in 771 Google+ circles
... element facts · periodic table · hydrogen. Hydrogen is the element that is atomic number 1 on the periodic table. Each hydrogen atom has one proton and one electron.

Applied  theology  message systems .......

The Chosen One Hundred: A Study in Jewish Elitism | Berman‎

Moore argues against the creation of a modern Jewish literary canon, focusing on the National Yiddish Book Centerâ??s project,
Hebrew Society, History, Religion, and Texts -‎

Hebrew Society, History, Religion, and Texts (LINKS to Web Sites to Hebrew, Sumerian, and Babylonian Cultures). The early Hebrews were unrivaled as ....

..... in other words .... 

Hebrew --> H e --> Hydrogen electron Society  in atomic bio-physics humanoid DISPLAY formats using the water molecule H2O   to brew coffee of tea. modern social terms in North America in year 2013  ......
Hebrew  Society --> H + e + brew
Hydrogen electrons (in water molecules) used to brew coffee in the morning to help WAKE UP Jewish  office workers and university graduate students.

Hebrew History, Religion, and Texts -‎

Hebrew Society, History, Religion, and Texts (LINKS to Web Sites to Hebrew, Sumerian, and Babylonian Cultures). The early Hebrews were unrivaled as 
Hebrew Name for God - The Messiah (Mashiach)‎

The Hebrew Name for God - Messiah. ... The person (or thing) anointed by God was called mashiach - an "anointed one" or "chosen one": Mashiach ...
Judaism 101: What Is Judaism?‎

Most people, both Jewish and gentile, would instinctively say that Judaism is a religion. And yet, there are militant atheists who insist that they are Jews!

equation 101  --> number 1 letter O =oxygen number 1

.................1  O   1 ....code
The Hebrew Religion - The Gift of‎

but the Hebrew religion of sincere belief in the one and universal God continues to live 
Ancient Hebrew Religion? - › Q&ASocietyOther

The religion of the ancient Hebrews is Judaism. Early Jews lived in small tribes inhabited what is now Israel and Jordan. Jewish religious life once centered

Modern  Hebrew Religion? - › Q&ASocietyOther

The religion of the ancient Hebrews is Judaism. Early Jews lived in small tribes inhabited what is now Is = Information Systems human bio-computer Is = Israel  
and Jordan. Jewish religious life once centered.

Thus  super-symmetry Jewish  physics tells us  ....  we have 2 versions of reality 

IS Real --> Info systems like IBM system 370  ...  and alphabet  letter permutation ....
IS Rael --> ancient data processing systems
Judaism 101 --->
atomic mass 1.01‎

An encyclopedia of  hydrogen atom Margaret  Mead atomic nuclear family  information about Judaism, Jewish practices, holidays, people and beliefs. For beginners, intermediate or advanced readers.‎Jewish Holidays - ‎What Do Jews Believe? - ‎What Is Judaism? - ‎Hebrew Alphabet

Thus we see some pieces to the year 2013 Jewish science mystery about  Hebrew self-awareness.
More information is provided by .....
Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion

The Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion (also known as HUC, HUC-JIR, and The College-Institute) is the oldest extant Jewish seminary in the Americas[1] and the main seminary for training rabbis, cantors, educators and communal workers in Reform Judaism.

HUC-JIR has campuses in Cincinnati, New York, Los Angeles and Jerusalem.

The Jerusalem campus is the only seminary in Israel for training Reform Jewish clergy

Hebrew Union College
May 2, 2012 - In September of 2012, thanks to the support of The Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati, Hebrew Union College–Jewish Institute of Religion .
In September of 2012, thanks to the support 
In September of 2012, thanks to the support 
In September of 2012, thanks to the support of carbon atomic mass 12
and its atomic mass output messages VIA the mass communications systems of television, radio, newspaper  publishing, etc.
In addition ...we are reminded of the Hebrew symbol for Hydrogen = H.
Let's look at the algebra content of the college NAME  code ---> Hebrew Union College

Union (set theory) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to Algebraic properties - [edit source | edit]. Binary union is an associative operation; that is,. A ∪ (B ∪ C) = (A ∪ B) ∪ C. The operations can be ...

Calculate Union of Two Sets | (A Union B) AUB | Online Algebra ... › Algebra
Online algebra calculator that calculates the union of two sets ie., A union B (AUB). Union of two sets comprises of all elements in the two sets with common 




 Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion (also known as HUC)

 Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion (also known as HUC

 H  Union C ---> (also known as HUC)

Hydrogen atom   set  UNION  Carbon atom set 


Thus we see the their secret sign--->  H  union (molecular bond )  C 



Definition of Hydrocarbon - Biology - Boundless
Hydrocarbons In organic chemistry, a hydrocarbon (HC) is an organic compound consisting entirely of hydrogen and carbon; The majority of hydrocarbons .
Thus ..what kind of molecules do  these HUC  humanoid entities represent.
Now, we know that the 4-H Club of agriculture students  represent  the symbol methane.
Nature's organic chemistry ---> molecular social chemistry messengers
Now, these are good  people  ...and new concept insights in year 2013 await their knowledge details. 
Another HC  --->  Hydro-Carbon molecule  educational institution is .....

Harvard College - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Harvard College is one of two schools within Harvard University granting undergraduate degrees.
Founded in 1636 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, it is the oldest ...
 two schools
 two schools
 two schools
two colleges --> C - C  .......... are they alkane colleges  ....... bridge, atomic Mass?
In addition, we see that the some hydrocarbon people may have very strange descriptive properties ....

(religious) Conversion Factors for Hydrocarbon Emission Components in Cincinnati, NR-002d
total organic gas (TOG), nonmethane hydrocarbons (NMHC), nonmethane

... non-tailpipe HC emissions (i.e., crankcase and evaporative emissions) will be:.

 Thus we see .....we live in an interesting world in year 2013  ...... with many opportunities for self-discovery  and self-awareness. 


In conclusion ...... we recall   the phrases ....


A Jewish Theology of Covenantal Pluralism - Boston College

One God: Many Faiths ... Center for Christian-Jewish Learning - Boston College .... Specifically, Judaism asserts that there is one universal God,


Akhenaten. Not an influence on Jewish momotheism

The claim: Monotheism, the belief in one god, is not a Hebrew original, but was ... the regard for the sun god, and a view of Re as a universal god


The Idea of God from A Guide to Understanding the Bible by Harry ...

At the beginning, the distinctive deity of the Hebrews was a tribal divinity to whom .... 1. He was a storm god, associated with violent exhibitions of nature's power. ...... Whether in his positive assertion of the one universal God

the one universal God

the one universal God

the one universal God


Thus we see the hydrocarbon molecular continuum and its social expression and thought formats VIA  Hebrew existential SYMBOL processors and messengers  ...  with messages waiting analysis in year 2013.