Virginia TECH 8100 DPCX hematology battle near Interstate Highway 81



Super-symmetry physics provides parallels and mirrors to many  other expression dimensions.


IBM system 370 main frame HOST computer  ( copper-wire computer)  helps us understand Nature's  COMPUTER EARTH system 370 processor  and the living EARTH cell and Nature's modern SYMBOL MACHINE and its various symbol engines comprised of nouns, verbs, math and physics equations, hematology diagrams of blood systems, biochemsitry,etc.



The IBM 8100 DPCX distributed processing system is LINKED to the HOST COMPUTER. 


DPCX (Distributed Processing Control eXecutive) was an operating system for the IBM 8100 small computer system


These copper-wire hardware and software systems came in existence bewteen 1950 AND 1981.

Using these copper-wire systems as a MODEL, Nature then uses them for is various applications ..... the external EARTH LAND computer  system, the oxygen atomic mass 16 Base 16 processor, and INTERNAL biology / brain symbol processing  systems. 


Let's look at the situation.


Nature projects involves human social  engineering and human brain engineering.
When problems occur, Nature may send a FEEDBACK ERROR Signal in a message processing format: Tragic mess and message.
Thus a review to some tragic social science signals gives rise to the modern  THEORY of B100D WAR.
The existence of B100D occurs in 2 major formats:
a) the physical biology and hematology formats with HEME group Fe(ii) ion, etc 

b) the symbolic life of b100d  ......with English language nouns, verbs  and math equations, etc. 
Current theory and data states that B100D is alpha/numeric as described by the atomic English language biochemistry WORD:  B100D.
B100D --> B  + 100 + D  --> alphabet letter B  +  a  number system using 100  + D
Let's take the above equation AND take another look at history  ...that is the history of B100D messages.
B100D --> B  + 100 + D  --> letter B  +  a  number  100 --> the 100 years WAR which was very bl00dy.
The Hundred Years' War was a series of conflicts waged from 1337 to 1453 between the Kingdom of England and the Kingdom of France and their various allies for control of the French throne. It was the result of a dynastic disagreement dating back to William the Conqueror who became King of England in 1066, while remaining Duke of Normandy

The Hundred Years' War (1337-1453) [100 Years' War]
Apr 18, 2007 – Description of the Hundred Year's War between England and France


Symbolism - Merriam-Webster Online
the art or practice of using symbols especially by investing things with a symbolic meaning or by expressing the invisible or intangible by means of visible or 
Thus  the INTERNAL blood vessel conflict is amplified/enlarged to a visual EXTERNAL display level of conflict on the geography land/sea surface of EARTH.
Battle of SluysDuring Philip VI's reign fortune favoured the English.
The French fleet was destroyed at Sluys on the 24th of June 1340. 
Thus the social engineering history of hematology.

Hematology - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Hematology, also spelled haematology (from the Greek αἷμα haima "blood" and -λoγία), is the study of blood, the blood-forming organs, and blood diseases.

Hematology - Medscape Reference
Hematology articles covering symptoms, diagnosis, staging, treatment, prognosis, and follow-up. Peer reviewed and up-to-date recommendations written by ...
Thus we see the B100D equation --> B + 100 --> 100 years war.
Let's  look at  modern  version of the 100 years war and the B100D educational displays of that war.
First, let's review alpha/ numeric blood ..... the years  2013 VIEW.
Let's look at  Nature's most advanced  B100D  formats.
Current theory and data states that B100D is alpha/numeric as described by the atomic English language biochemistry WORD:  B100D.
B100D --> B  + 100 + D  --> alphabet letter B  +  a  number system using 100  + D
Let's look at the levels of B100D ...... 
B100D  -->  Binary 100 = Decimal 4   thus
B100D ---> B 4 D North America --> Base 4 DNA
 4 2 1
0  0 0 0
1  0 0 1
2  0 1 0
3  0 1 1
4  1 0 0

B100D  -->  Decimal  100  
B100D --> B + decimal 100 --> Book-keeping decimal numbers
B100D  --> hexadecimal  Base 16 Hex'100" --> 256 Decimal.
B100D Pressure .......
.......D P --> Data  Processing abilities of Nature's biological processors  AND the bio-computer brain origin of various religious concepts 

Curse - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A curse (also called a jinx, hex or execration) is any expressed wish that some ... comprise a significant proportion of the study of both folk religion and folklore.

What is the origin of the hex? | Answers Encyclopedia: Facts and ...
3 answers
Get the answer to "What is the origin of the hex? ... Philosophy and Religion
Thus we see the various   LEVELs   of  blood  and the Hierarchy Problem of physics b100d expressions.
Let's look at the B100D display signaling  messages.
The Virginia Tech massacre was a school shooting that took place on April 16, 2007, on the campus of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in ...
April 16
April 16
April 16 --> base 16 hexadecimal bio-chemistry ...alpha/numeric  B100D  war  at the university   interface with NATURE's B100D symbolic engineering building....hence, Darwinian  selection of the battle optimize the signal to the world. 
About two hours after the initial shootings, Cho entered Norris Hall, which houses the Engineering Science and Mechanics program



Lets' look again at the alpha/numeric word  B100D.


Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE can and does perceibe the word  using alpha/muneric technology ANF graphic arts equivalence technology.


Nature's symbol transformation gives us the equivalece (like an alternate identity)....


alphabet letter capital B --> number 8

letters loo --> number 100 (one hundred the modern 100 years WAR ar Virginia TECH)

letter D --> letter D  like in Data Processing


Thus ..... BlooD ->  8100D  ..


Thus..... B100D Person Computer X --> 8100 D P C X  ...... thus the super-symmetry symbol message structure.

This is confirmed  by the WORDS:

BlooD Plasmid .... algbera subset letter codes....

..... D P  --> Data Processing ...thus the base 16 hexadecimal BLOOD EVENT signal occured on April 16.


The battle involved the Virginia TECH English Department and the errors / problerms   with the internal symbol lanaguges used by Nature's blood system.   The INTERNAL blood  cell circulation system is a  partial super-symmetry mirror  of the EXTERNAL cellulose newspaper circulation system used by society.   The plan by Virginia TECH to use more electron computer devices and cellular phones is in direct violation of the current circulation system LAWS of Nature. ...... hence, the bloody symbol machine BATTLE  at the Norris Hall social and mechanical engineering building.


In addition, the living  EARTH cell used Darwinian military selection parameters for the choice of Blackburg  for the IBM 8100 DPCX parallel  DEMO.   Thus the proximity of  the near-by Interstate Highway 81  (an external concrete highway carries motor vehicles AND the internal biology hidhway carries motivated blood cell vehicles).


Computer Earth system 370 main frame  with distibuted processing  ... the geography region of Interstate 81 is the best Darwinian approximation to parallel the IBM 8100 DPCX.


The Virgina TECH  ROTC military program has the algebra subset symbols ROC  --> Region of Convergence for signal processing ... signals for Norris Hall  specialist in signal engineering.






Operator training library, I B M 8100 distributed processing control executive (DPCX)


Operator training library, I B M  8100DPCX

Operator training library, I B M B100D 

Hematology Operator training library, B100D