Jesse Ventura BAL D version and his Earth atomic uranium 238 IBM Z/OS Janos processor with JES



Computer World magazine its name suggests ..provides  informations on COMPUTER EARTH system 370 and its various implementations.  Of course, we have the famous Base 16  geography computer address space location  ...... 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. 

Let's look at another well know processor    ...... the periodic atomic table and its uranium 235 and 238 atomic processor features. 



The Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family ...... social science  expressions of uranium 235 and 238 are displayed by the  atomic bio-computer human ---> JESSE series.
The atomic computer features of uranium are well-known to physics bio-computer scientists at universities,  IBM, and the computer science industry.
Uranium 235 --> the additive property of the  IS --> Information Systems --> IS expression --> ISotopes of uranium 235
Uranium 238 --> Base 2 math exponent 3 = 8
The uranium processor uses am atomic bio-physics bio-computer  human as an output device for Nature's system messages.
Let's see how this was done  ....... the pieces to a puzzle.
1st let's review the IBM copper-wire computer  BAL  language and the human bio-computer equivalent.

IBM Basic assembly language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Basic Assembly Language (BAL) is a low-level language used on IBM mainframes from the earliest 360 series, through systems 370, 390, and System z, as well ...
Below, notice his IBM feature identifier with his BAL D verison  
In addition, he has a  super-symmetry  mirror ..... to  IBM.
His processor  feature relationship  ..... is well-known 

Jesse Ventura - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

James George Janos (born July 15, 1951) ........ the Janos processor 

Janos --> J + an + os --> J  atomic number   OS --> substitue Z --> J  Z/OS  processor


Atomic number - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The atomic number, Z, should not be confused with the mass number, A, which ... Atoms having the same atomic number Z but different neutron number N, and ...
Janos --> J + an + os --> J  Z/OS   --> thus IBM Z/OS  processor

IBM System z - Operating System - z/OS
Your portal to z/OS information. Learn the latest about z/OS, the highly secure, scalable, high-performance enterprise operating system. Find links to ...

IBM: About the z/OS operating system

IBM:             J      z/OS operating system

IBM:            J atomic number  /OS operating system

IBM:            J  a n       OS  operating system

IBM:             J a n OS           operating system › IBM SystemsSystem zOperating systems

Get a z/OS overview with links to descriptions of enhancements, elements and features, statements of direction and performance information. You'll also find ...



The Periodic Table of Elements, with Atomic Numbers

Z = atomic number = number of protons in the nucleus = number of electrons



Images for atomic number z 

Let's look at more secret features of this well-known public knowledge.

Job Entry Subsystem 2/3 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
IBM's MVS and z/OS operating systems use a job entry subsystem (JES) to receive jobs into the operating system, schedule them for processing by MVS or z/OS, .... IBM, IBM System/360 and System/370 Asymmetric Multiprocessing System: ...

MVS JCL Reference
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
This edition applies to Version 2 Release 10 of OS/390 (5647-A01) and to all subsequent ... When you send information to IBM, you grant IBM a nonexclusive right to use or distribute the information in any way it believes .... Using System Symbols and JCL Symbols . ...... Job entry subsystem 2 (JES2) control statements ...
James George Janos (born July 15, 1951), better known as Jesse Ventura, is an American politician, actor, author, veteran, and former professional wrestler who ...





Let's look some more ..... Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD theory ---->

The uranium 238 .......
(2)Twin Cities  38th Governor Jesse Ventura


The Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family ... secret life of atomic, bio-physics humanoid  Jesse Ventura  with the University of Minnesota is astonishing!


Uranium Facts - Periodic Table of the Elements Facts for Uranium › ... › Periodic Table - ElementsElement FactsCached - Similar

Get periodic table facts on the chemical and physical properties of the element uranium.

 Facts for Uranium

 Facts for Uranium

 Facts for Ura
 Facts  for Vent + ura --> Ventura 38th  governor for uranium 238


James George Janos (born July 15, 1951), better known as Jesse Ventura, is an American politician, actor, author, veteran, and former professional wrestler who served as the 38th Governor of Minnesota from 1999 to 2003.



Minneapolis–Saint Paul - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia–Saint_Paul
The Twin Cities share a common cultural lore in arts, media, food, celebration, and history. Twin Citians also still primarily work in the two core cities.
The region (Margaret Mead atomic region) 
Suburbs -
Culture ---> Culture = Cult + ur + 92 electrons ....atomic political science and atomic social sciences

Twin Cities - University of Minnesota

At the University of Minnesota, discovery is illumination. It's at the core of our teaching, research and public service, shining in our students, our breakthroughs in awareness of atomic political science.


Jesse Ventura
...............uranium Twin-Cities (2) and the 38th Governor = 238




Now, we have the 2 names that this bio-computer expression  individual uses.

Jesse --> IBM JES = JOB Entry subsystem  to what ???
Ventura --> subset symbols ura --> uranium 238 --> Base 2 exponent  3 giving 8 data bits (using the 92 electron or.BITS and their data bit association to IS --> Isotopes  IS --> Information Space)


The key CLUE of the above process is  92 electrons <--- super-symmetry numeric mirror -->  29 electron of copper wire USED by the IBM copper-wire main frame hardware electricity equipment.


Let's use  the FermiLAB   mirror 


Let's compare the 2 major WORLD systems suggested by Galileo beween year 1616 and 1640  ..his book "TWO Chief World Systems".


Thus in year 2013...let's look at the 2 Chief  Z/OS systems with Janos and IBM


Janos --> Job + atomic number (Z) + os --> JOB  Z/OS   using   Jesse Ventura  as the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family output messenger device  ....specifically for the   .uranium 238 processor with  92 electrons  



IBM 29 electrons  of copper and the electricity  devices they use...the copper-wire main frame ..their version of Janos --> Z/OS.


Thus we see the uranium 92 electron mirror with IBM copper systems 



Thus we CLUES to the  year 2013 new world model of Sartre existentalism and the various formats  of  existence.  
This agrees with TOE --> Theory of Everything  and the 11-dimensions of string theory  and other theories about the BIG PICTURE.