Fort Hood photosynthesis SOLAR WAR equation



A major Solar System battle took place at Fort Hood, Texas. 

The  sunlight and its photon/electromagnetic FIELD  created a   battle.FIELD  .... at Fort Hood, Killeen, Texas.

Darwinian selection ...used  the English language WORD data sets that exist in the optical data streams of consciounesss  ....and from the set of  proper nouns available ...found that the stem word: SOL --> for SOLAR system and sunlight  was best approximated by SOL = SOLDIER Read Center at Fort Hood ..... better known by the symbol name:  Fort Hood Soldier READINESS CENTER.



Fort Hood shooting

The Fort Hood shooting was a mass murder that took place on November 5, 2009 at Fort Hood, the most populous U.S. military installation in the world, located just outside Killeen, TexasThe sole suspect is Nidal Malik Hasan, a 39-year-old U.S. Army major.
He was shot and taken into custody by Department of the Army Civilian Police officers.


Department of the Army Civilian Police
Department of the Army C = 186,000 velocity  of light ... language and symbolism  Police



Language in Thought and Action 
---> at Fort Hood Soldier READ Center
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Language in Thought and Action is a book on semantics by Samuel Ichiye Hayakawa,




Symbolism - Merriam-Webster Online

the art or practice of using symbols especially by investing things with a symbolic meaning or
by expressing the invisible or intangible by means of visible 



Soldier Readiness Processing Center shootings

Sol(ar)  Read Processing Center ---> the optics WAR in Texas

At approximately 1:34 pm local time, Hasan entered his workplace, the Soldier Readiness Processing Center, where personnel receive routine (bio-computer subroutine systems)  medical treatment immediately prior to and on return from deployment.


treatment --> treat + ment --> trick or treat .... ment(AL) systems...
thus the tragic EVENT and its indirect   message about the  READING words / eye / optical nerve  and the  BRAIN symbolic machine  and the  current world-wide Alzheimer's bio-computer memory war.



Let's look at another... related EVENT .....  to help explain the many  variables that comprise  these Solar System battles on EARTH.
The battles are caused by human philosophy and social science ERRORS  .... nonsense ERRORs that have citizen INTELLECTUAL approval  .... ERRORS that violate the SOCIAL CONTRACT with Nature as explained by John Locke, David Hume, and others.


Nature's major botany/ photosynthesis  battle took place in Northern Illinois....which includes the Chicago region.

The Northern Illinois University shooting was a school shooting that took place on February 14, 2008, during which Steven Kazmierczak shot multiple people on the campus of Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Illinois, United States. At approximately 3:05 p.m. CST, Steven Kazmierczak entered a large auditorium-style lecture hall in Cole Hall (Auditorium 101) with approximately 120 students, where an oceanography class was in session.

The tragic EVENT provides major clues about the solar system electromagnetic / photon photosynthesis language that interfaces with the atomic English language of the periodic atomic table. Together ... these 2 existential entities .... provided the foundation for Nature to construct a BOTANY world with cellulose trees, flowers, garden vegetables, and farm corn and soybeans.

The BOTANY biochemistry languages intially concentrated on the biochemsitry molecular processes needed for a plant to grow and function. These physical chemistry processes are described in basic college science textbooks in botany, chemistry. biochemistry, etc.

After Nature accomplished those technical achievements in BOTANY, Nature decided to take BOTANY farm products and foods and ATTACH nouns, proper nouns, and adjectives to those agricultural items.

Thus a item of food has 2 existences:

a) its physical biology exsitence ... a bushel of corn that weighs about 56 pounds in the Earth's gravity field.

b) its symbolic life...with brand names like: DeKalb Seed, Renk, Pioneer , NK Brand, Croplan, and other proper nouns known to farmers. These brand names exist in the optical data stream that is input to the human eye/ iris/ pupil AND the optical nerve ...... a photon data pipeline to the brain optical symbolic machine.

These companies deal with 2 formats of REALITY of EARTH:

a) the physical crop...such as corn ...that has a growing seasion of 100 days to 120 days in Northern Illinois.

b) the symbolic existence of the words and languages involved in the industry of corn and soybeans.

Let's look at these words and languages of the SOLAR system and NATURE ...... languages that interface with humanoids that write and talk. To explain this ...... I shall use examples of EVENTS that convey messages ... BOTANY social engineering and BOTANY brain awareness engineering messages ..... messages not explained in incomplete newspaper stories.


The SOLAR System 370 battle in Texas ...with military photons at the FORT HOOD SOLAR READ CENTER ......... SOL --> implies SOLAR System and the U.S.ARMY SOLdiers refuse to aknowledge Nature's SOL mission. Nature used a biochemistry graduate ( Major Nidal Hasan) to carry out the TRAGIC signaling message.

Major Ni (Nitrogen cycle used by farmers) <------> battle at NIU = Nitrogen Cycle university war zone
.... and
Nature's military word ---> botany plant seeds --> symbols --> seeds = see +ds --> see (optical) data set.

Thus we see Nature's usage of the human Central Nervous System 370 programmable human bio-computer to arrange /schedule both tragic events to occur in the Central Standard TIME ZONE AND for both events to involve proper nouns that are POINTERs to the NITROGEN CYCLE wars.

Let;s continue our study of the Solar system / Nature language with the KEY signals provided by the SEE companies .....

---> Pioneer SEE data set

The photon botany-math word Pi = 3.14159 and is used by Pioneer scientists to calculate the circumference of an ear of corn.

How did Pioneer get in the seed business?
Let's look at the Darwin evolution of Pioneer .. starting in the Galapagos Islands --> subset letter symbols --> Gala IS --> Galactic (level) Information Systems.

Next, we look at the Galapagos Islands selection from nearby PERU ...and atomic physics messenger Pier Oddone ..... and his subliminal MIND's association with the INCA civilization of his native country.

Now, Pioneer SEEDS --> SEE data set --> the word PIER is an algebra subset of the word Pioneer.
Thus ...... given the root stem word PIER (with an atomic agent) ...we see the evolution to the higer level .... cellulose level ...used by botany scientists at PIONEER Seed and other comapnies the farm region around Batavia, Illinois..

Atomic Pier, with his INCA affiliations and his periodic atomic table affiliations (those 2 primordial roots in evolution) has precedence over over Pioneer in Nature's electromagnetic sunlight Hierarchy of Authority.

Inti (Inca Sun god) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia
In Inca religion, the sun god; he was believed to be the ancestor of the Incas. Inti was at the head of the state cult, and his worship was imposed throughout the ...

Inca Religion

The belief system of the Incas was polytheistic, this meant that the Incas worshipped many gods and believed that there was a god for every aspect of the Earth such as the sun, the moon, wind, lightning, rain and all the other elements of the Earth. Although the Incas believed in many gods they believed that their creator was Viracocha who was worshipped before Inca times by people in Peru. At the time it was believed that Vircocha created the earth and all living creatures and because of this many of the Inca beliefs and faith system is based on what was created by Viracocha.

Although Viracocha was regarded as the creator and the most important god the Inca religion provided many other layers of worship and beliefs. This is the case with what was known as the secondary tier of their religion known as the astral level. This section of the Inca religion involved worshipping gods within the dimension of Earth such as the sun, the moon and the stars. Although the Incas believed that the dimension of earth was meant for man it was no less magical or grand as many places resembled shrines such as rocks, mountain peaks, caves and natural springs offering places of worship for the Incas.

One of the main gods for the astral level was Inti the sun god. The royal people of the Incas claimed to be directly related to Viracocha through Inti, as he was the supposed father of the first Inca king. Inti was a male god, represented through icons such as the golden disk or seated boy (Punchao) with rays projected from his head. Inti was the support of the empire and conquest, and the Inca held many ceremonies and rituals for him. All major settlements throughout the Inca Empire had a Sun Temple. Crops and resources were actually set aside for the temples and activities.

Inca society - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
5 Education; 6 Religion; 7 Other practices; 8 Food and farming; 9 Economy .... Many varieties of Peruvian maize (corn) were well-known to the Incas for centuries ...

LA Colonial | Maize (Corn)
Another aspect of Inca culture, in which corn had a significant influence, is religion. Many of the ceremonial events that followed the corn harvesting calendar ...

Thomas Edison - The Inventions of Thomas Edison
Thomas Edison's greatest challenge was the development of a practical incandescent, electric light.

Incandescent light bulb - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Thomas Edison began serious research into developing a practical incandescent lamp in 1878. Edison filed his first patent application for "Improvement In ...
Incandescent light --> the new AGE of Enlightment ... the new AGE of Reason
Thus we see the Darwinian evolution of LIGHT and the human eye / optical nerve development from the BRAIN's 1st perceptions by the INCA of Galapagos Islands / PERU region to the modern physics humanoid BRAIN ...and optical processor of equations and formula and other thoughts.
Thus we see the electromagnetic continuum ...starting with the Solar System sunlight ...... the ancient civilizations like the INCA ...that understood their relationship with NATURE and the SUN ......
modern civilizations and the various copper wire electronic devices that exist ....... the devices with optical features are displayed at the Consumer Electronics Show.
Today, we have 2 types of cities .... physical cities with concrete buildings with glass windows AND we have symbolic buildings ...such as the information structure from year 1865 ...titles " Alice Thru the Looking Glass".

Let's look at an example of a famous building with a dual identity.

The Base 16 hexadecimal geography address space in Washington, DC has a physical building known as the White House.

The White House is the official residence and principal workplace of the President of the United States, located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest, Washington, D.C.. It has been the residence of every U.S. president since John Adams in 1800
The White House (eye pupil ... visible spectrum) is the official residence and principal workplace of the President of the United States of MIND (spectrums and words, nouns, math equations, etc )
located at
TIME ADDRESS ...YEAR 1600 (with the literature of William Shakespeare)
to geography land
SPACE ADDRESS ... 1600 Pennsylvania (equation .... Pennsylvania = black ink Pen + n X n symbol matrices + Sylvania light nulb) Avenue (optical data stream avenue/ spectral highway with information) Northwest, Washington, D.C..
Thus we have the electromagnetic photon ...CITY embedded within the velo.CITY of light.
c = 186,000 miles per second ...thus a traveling INFORMATION CITY with symbolic life with names like Mr.Concept or Mr.Idea or Sherlock Holmes ..... who is alive and well as a symbolic life form in the brain optical computer system. The INTELLECT of this optical symbolic machine is immense.

The influence of c = 186,000 ..... number 18 signal about the Isaac Newton spectral White House --->
It has been the residence of every U.S. president since John Adams in 1800 ( 18 60 00).
Thus we see the electromagnetic component of the Hierarchy Problem of physics and bio-physics .... Nature does not like the FCC and university approved television optical attacks upon the human eye/ optical nerve and the brain symbolic processor that needs accurate information to maintain integrity. The Department of Energy and the Office of Science have perception problems about these matters ..... and have neglected to discuss the optical component of the SCIENCE WARS.
It is probably bets to think of the the velo.CITY --> a super-city comprised on many optical /word cities AND artist picture cities. Just like a 1960 college course catalog ... may be partitioned into 20 different major SUBJECT optical city areas....... between humanities and math and the hard sciences (with lab courses like chemistry, physics, biology).
Also we have the painting artist the agent REM = Rapid eye movement expressor ..named REM.brandt ...and his Nig --> Nitrogen message

The Night Watch - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Night Watch. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation, search. This article is about the Rembrandt painting. For other uses, see Night ...

--> DeKalb SEEDS --> SEE DS --> SEE optical DATA SETS
(thus the optical parallel processing system of SEEDS ...... thus physical botany SEEDS and the optical SEEDS of words, nouns, verbs, concepts, ideas, equations..... that are planted in a professors brain ....with Nature's hope that those symbolic SEEDS will grow to the proper, logical conclusion).

Nature's botany CODE (1st existential level ) --> the photosynthesis biochemistry processes described in various excellent college textbooks in botany, genetics, biochemistry, chemistry, organic chemistry, etc.

Nature's botany CODE (2nd level for interaction with human communication theory)

CODE --> partition word into--> CO + DE ---> CODE DEATH for bio-computer violations
CODE --> partition word into--> CO + DE ---> COLE (Hall) DEKALB (Ill /sick State of MIND ..State of Illinois)

SEEDS --> SEE DS --> SEE (English langauge) Dictionary Symbols (the WORD of HONOR)

Nature's botany WAR equation ....
NIL, COLE HALL , DEKALB ....... alphabet subet letters ...
NIL...CO..............DE....LB (earth LAB) --> Nitrogen Language CODE DEATH

Nature's botany war equation .....
NIL, COLE HALL , DEKALB ....... alphabet subet letters ...
NIL...COL...H --> Nitrogen Land (fertilizer) COLUMN Height (the Botany corn (project plan) plant)

Thus we see ... the language of Nature and sunlight .... messages for those humans that pay serious attention to optical data streams of consciousness that has been formated in DATA FIELDS to standardize the communications protocols among the 11-dimensions of string theory and M-theory. These things require analysis and flowcharts ...and this takes a lot of time to figure out.

--->Renk Seeds --> SEE --> Rank and file (data set files) of Base 16 hexadecimal HEX'Fa' =250 = Farm land ... farm fields ....more accurately..... farm DATA FIELDS with corn and soybeans --> that is soy + be + ans --> soy base answer.

Thus the base 16 Hex'Fa' provides hexadecimal food for university HEX'Fa' = Faculty fa .... who ought acknowledge the basics of existence in year 2013. Univeristy social sciences and philsophy have an alliance with Hollywood script writers ...... however, Nature would like some people with a understanding of the deeper levels underlying basic REALITY.

The physical food found in a grocery store HAS attached to it ...... proper nouns, adjectives, numbers, pictures, etcs ...thus providing symbolic food ---> food for thought. Do the symbols contain CONCEPT errors in violation of the Social Contract with NATURE ?

Thuus we look at the Wisconsin farm organization FFA--> the Future Farmers America and the farm supply industry and the food processing industry ...... and their incomplete explanation of the BASE 16 hexadecimal
programmmed BRAIN bio-computer accidental murder of Matt Anderson.

HEX"FF" A --> High-Values America project of Nature's values --> 255 America project. The agriculture industry and universities deny the existence of computer science and have not helped understand these ERRORS ..... and what needs to be fixed.

--->JUNG SEE data set ( Carl Jung collective unconscious of vegetable seeds in Sun Praire, Wisconsin with the Carl Jung police chief working undecover for Nature's --> West Allis Police Chief Michael Jungbluth ...thus an indivi.DUAL ...with a DUAL Nature.)

Wisconsin plays an imprtant role in optical nerve / optical data streams projects.
WEST ALLIS --> the audio sound signal ---> West Alice .....the Lewis Carroll signal.
The book " Alice in Wonderland' is being tested by NATURE's systems in the geography state of Wisconsin ....... known as Alice in Dairyland with brand name WONDER bread.

JUNG Seed in SUN Praire, Wisconsin sells Nature's BOTANY vegetable seeds with gravity mathematical-physics components.

The BOTANY math equation: Vegetable --> Ve + get + Table --> Vector get table --> which has socal engineering and brain engineering property ---> Vector (social directions) get table (symbol tables and math tables named ..... matrices --> mat + rice + s --> ...the battle in RICE Lake, Wisconsin)


Thus we see ...that BOTANY SEEDS --> the SEE Data Set
within the INCA ( includes the incadescent) data stream with the SUN GOD
the electromagnetic life of Pier (the electromagnetic xerox (partial) COPY of the FermiLAB director ).

All humans that are physically alive, exist in the BIOLOGY sense
also exist as images and thoughts in the electromagnetic CITY fo veloc.CITY.

Thus was the situation with Richard Feynman will he was alive ...say in year 1970.

Richard Feynman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Richard Phillips Feynman 2] was an American theoretical physicist known for his work in the path integral formulation of quantum mechanics, the theory of ...
Born: May 11, 1918, New York City
Died: February 15, 1988, Los Angeles


Now, in year 2013 he is physically dead...but a partial electromagnetic photon spirit of him exists in the optical data stream.
His  cellulose books and other math and physics books are needed help the concepts LIVE   at the subconscious levels of your BRAIN's photon SYMBOLIC MACHINE..


Additional signals of the BOTANY war equation ... the Double-Helix component using the DNA nitrogenous bases and their ability to express messages in EXTERNAL display format on the geography surface of Earth using humanoid bio-computer display terminals ...that terminate their lives in the bio-computer terminal process.


The NIL, Cole Hall, DeKalb, Illinois botany WAR equation and the casualties


NIL --> Northern ........ Illinois (DeKalb BOTANY war casualties)
NIL --> Northern .........Wisconsin (upper Michigan) signal with the MIL super-symmetry physics MIRROR message with NIL = Rod Nilsestuen.

Rod Nilsestuen, state DATCP head, drowns in Lake Superior : Wsj
Jul 22, 2010 – Rod Nilsestuen, who has led the state Department of Agriculture, ... drowned Wednesday evening while swimming in Lake Superior off Michigan's Upper. ... “Under his incredible leadership Wisconsin has seen the greatest ...


NIL (Cole Hall deaths) <--- super-symmetry MIRROR ---> NILSESTUEN (Cole slaw and cabbage death ordered NATURE's signal processing systems)

Farmers Market Association for Wisconsin - Cabbage
DeKalb Mar/damage Association for Illinois - Cole slaw ...sla ..slaughter at Cole Hall.



Thus ...we ought try to understand the evolution of language and message processing systems between the Solar System, Nature, and human society.


Let's look at the Solar System equation for Fort Hood, Texas ....... the Solar READ Center  in the Soldier Readiness Processing Center.






Thus we see Nature's  chemistry process  symbols above....  H 2 0  (water molecules ...
subset alphabet symbols H O  --> thus applied social chmesitry --> FORT HO --> Fort HOOD.


More accurately....  H2O --> letter H    and  2 letters O  --> H OO  --> Fort HOO --> Fort HOOD.


Thus we see the equation exist in 2 formats in REALITY:

1) the BOTANY organic chemsitry process decribed in basic college technology books

2) the chemsitry --> society and social engineering chemistry


In this case ...the message is to the Washington, DC region of advanced awareness.
In year 2013 ...we are reminded of the article ...that was ignored.......



The Mind Has No Firewall


From Parameters, Spring 1998, pp. 84-92.


The human body, much like a computer, contains myriad data processors. They include, but are not limited to, the chemical-electrical activity of the brain, heart, and peripheral nervous system, the signals sent from the cortex region of the brain to other parts of our body, the tiny hair cells in the inner ear that process auditory signals, and the light-sensitive retina and cornea of the eye that process visual activity.[2] We are on the threshold of an era in which these data processors of the human body may be manipulated or debilitated. Examples of unplanned attacks on the body's data-processing capability are well-documented.


Defending friendly and targeting adversary data-processing capabilities of the body appears to be an area of weakness in the US approach to information warfare theory, a theory oriented heavily toward systems data-processing and designed to attain information dominance on the battlefield. Or so it would appear from information in the open, unclassified press. This US shortcoming may be a serious one, since the capabilities to alter the data- processing systems of the body already exist. A recent edition of U.S. News and World Report highlighted several of these "wonder weapons" (acoustics, microwaves, lasers) and noted that scientists are "searching the electromagnetic and sonic spectrums for wavelengths that can affect human behavior."[


searching the electromagnetic and sonic spectrums for wavelengths

searching the electromagnetic and sonic spectrums for wavelengths

searching the electromagnetic and sonic spectrums for wavelengths

searching the electromagnetic and sonic spectrums for wavelengths --> FORT HOOD  Solar Read Center  and then human eye.


Thus we see a few pieces to a  TEXAS-sized PHOTON  military puzzle ....we ought understand.
TEXAS has a code of silence about the OPTICAL WAR.  
Universities are busy with football games and other sports.