Black Sun deaths at Blacksburg, Virgina.  The solar sytem language WAR with the Virginia TECH English department.




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Black Sun was formed at the end of the Great Galactic War. .... secrecy and now openly displayed its symbol on ships and stations to intimidate rivals and victims.



"It is a vast criminal syndicate…its influence felt on every planet from the Core Worlds to the Outer Rim. Black Sun has existed for hundreds of years, and embedded itself in the very fiber of the galaxy. The resources at its disposal are almost limitless. The soldiers under its command number in the tens of thousands. The ignorant even call it the most powerful force in the known universe."
―Darth Sidious, to Darth Maul[src]

Black Sun was the most powerful and infamous crime syndicate in the galaxy.


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The Black Sun's tentacles reach across many worlds. Many of the organization's operatives had no idea that they were benefiting Black Sun, so layered and ...


universe    with the main campus in Blacks --> Black S --> code for Black Sun 
university  with the main campus in Blacksburg, Virginia,

About Blacksburg · Maps / Directions / Parking


Blacksburg --> Black S --> code for Black Sun --> System  un = unconscious mind RD Maps / Directions

Maps / Directions
Maps / Directions --> brain maps with S.i.Hayakwa ...Language in Thought and Action





Let's get some ideas about American language secrets VIA science analysis of news events.
Then let's study an example  of  solar system photon language expression FORMAT.   With this background description, we then return to Blacksburg and Virgina TECH.



Syria conflicts ---> Symmetry Physics conflicts in the modern Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family. The periodic atomic table of elements of life expresses itself VIA atomic bio-computers ---> humanoid OUTPUT display terminals. The atomic, bio-physics humans in Wisconsin display no knowledge and no curosity about such matters.


Iran issues --> I + Ran = Independent random varables problems with Camp RAN football Stadium , University of Wisconsin, Madison.

What is the probability/ the chance ...that chancellor John Wiley and university intellectuals have serious communications problems? Why have they failed to recognize the existence of the symbolic life expressions of mathematician William Feller with John Wiley & Sons textbook publisher ..... and Nature's Darwinian symbol selection of a proper noun to be the probable Wisconsin spokesperson for this probability CHANCE process.

Below, Madison and Sun Prairie ...... with the community known for its photosynthesis
language CODE -->CODE --> CO2 + DE --> DE Forest. Thus we see Nature's computer code using carbon dioxide molecular information carriers that interact with the cellulose FOREST tree metabolism process ...... that is ..... the Base 16 hexadecimal tree HEX'FO" = 240 --> FOREST and Nature's TREE of Knowledge.

Nature's Botany processes are symbolized by the SUN and the photosynthesis process used by JUNG SEED located in the agricultural community of SUN Prairie, Wisconsin. Thus SUN Prairie ..... which is near the University of Wisconsin in Madison ... can serve as a frame of reference for various science reports. Other communities can get referred to ..... as we study Nature and its social engineering expressions.


Sun Prairie
City in Wisconsin
Sun Prairie is a city in Dane County in the U.S. state of Wisconsin. A suburb of Madison it is part of the Madison Metropolitan Statistical Area. The 2010 US Census estimates the city's population to be 29,364.



Thus we ask ...what is a SUN photosynthesis WAR.

1st) its a philosophy war that uses LANGUAGE ...... as a war tool.
The original languages of existence ..... arrived millions of years ago ...before 2-legged humanoids existed.

Sunlight arrived on planet EARTH ..... in electromagnetic format AND photon format ... ...
sort-of a double-helix description of 1 existential energy enitity. Sunlight encountered the atoms of the periodic atom table ..... and the atoms .....were lazy atoms .... they had no goals ... no exciting projects to work on.

Sunlight and the periodic atomic table LEADERS thought ....



a) sunlight has EM and atoms had kinetic energy and orbital MOTION ---> thus the combination of those 2 language foundation entities created EMOTION .... excitment ... the desire to think and do ...... AND to build molecules and cellulose systems ...such as a tree.

While year 2103 humanoids laugh at such simple tasks, Nature and its BOTANY biochemistry engineers took great pride in building the hardwood oak tree and the giant redwood trees.

To accomplish these fantastic accomplishments, Nature needed languages and honor codes amongst atoms and molecules, etc. Thus the atomic and molecular society used many behavior protocols that continue today .....with the larger sized, amplified particle expressions known as adult humanoids.


Deep down .. in our ancient orgins the some deep level of
the subconscious mind EXISTS
the sun-conscious MIND ...... that indirectly, sometimes ...manages to send information signals to the conscious level ....... for expression by some writer/author ...who may or may not be TRULY cosncious of the SUN level signal. Hopefully, a reader of the news/ book ...... might recognize the NATURE of the signal.


Let's look at the communications signal from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and its SECRET astronomy project: EARTH astronomy using the ancient Carl Jung primoridal collective of SUN-consciousness signal analysis ....before distortion and bias by the sub-conscious mind and the subliminal mind.



How could the SUN-conscious language SIGNALS get thru those obstacles. They don't ...... that is ... they don't get directly thru the Central Nervous System as one complete, intact, easy to see .. obvious message.

Instead, the orginal message is partitioned into several pieces (pieces 1 thru K) Each information piece travels thru space and time in EARTH societies ...... and many years later .. emerges piece 1 ..or piece 2 .... or piece K a geography region of convergence ..... say the geography region from Madison to MIlwaukee.


Let's look at Nature's world-wide SUN-consciousness, its language (such as English nor Chinese) and its many DISPLAY expressions in the human collective population between Madision and Milwaukee.


UW-Madison Astronomy: Home
UW-Madison Astronomers unveil how diffuse atomic hydrogen is converted into dense molecular hydrogen in molecular clouds, leading us one step further ...



UW-Milwaukee: Manfred Olson Planetarium | Astronomy Links
Astronomy Links. ... University of WisconsinMilwaukee ... about the Sun-Earth environment. Sky & Telescope: News covering all aspects of astronomy.




Thus we see an EARTH LAB astronomy information string END is Madison and the other END is Milwaukee ...near Lake Michigan. Thus .... the energy of the wave mechanics of Lake Michigan is extended to the land based communications string from Milwaukee to Madison .... with highway 16 and higway 19.


Madison, being the center of Wisconsin INTELLECTUAL activity also the starting point of SUN-consciosness.
Students and astronomy professors ....awaken in the morning ...... and the SUN rises in the EAST .....thus the community EAST of Madison was named: SUN Praire.

The SUN Prairie astronomy social science news is printed in the STAR newspaper.

Traveling east of highway 19 ......we reach Water100, Wisconsin ...... which has TREK Bicycle factory and in the year 2000 TIME boundary ...... Water100 published TIME magazine ..... a space/time publication about events occuring within EARTH LAB space/time. Next to Water100 is PORTland --> thus a TIME port on Computer Earth with LAND --> Local Area Network Data.


Thus ....the astronomy department project: STAR TREK (Sun Praire and Water100).
Physics and astronomy projects: Dr.WHO (Time Travel) and H.G.Wells (Time Machine).


Time Travel ...highway 19...... century 1900 thru 1999 --> yes, take TIME magazine ......TIME boundary year 2000 from Water100 ..... AND follow H.G.Wells to -->

H.G = Hubbleton and country road G = universal gravitational constant ..... RD region.



continue EAST on highway 19 to

Wells --> water wells --> Watertown Wisconsin with Keck Observatory AND the recently built astronomy message ..


In year 2012, EARTH astronomy researchers in the Watertown, Wisconsin, USA area found some pieces to an amazing puzzle about solar system messages.
Let's look at the solar system SIGNAL printed in the Watertown Daily Times newspaper.

Highway 19 to close down - Watertown Daily Times Online : Local ...
Mar 20, 2010 – State Highway 19 on the east side of the city is expected to be closed near the end of the month as part of the Highway 26 bypass project. ... the contract with Michels consists of grading, nine bridge structures, pipe installation, ...
Bridges will be constructed at county highways Y, A and T, Welsh Road and Silver Creek Road (which will be extended west to Welsh Road). These bridges will provide local traffic crossings over or under, but not onto, WIS 26.

Bridges will be constructed --> communication information bridges highways Y, A and T --> major astronomy CLUE


Sun Yat-sen - Wikipedia, Sun_Yat-senCached - Similar Jump to Furen and Revive China Society‎: In 1891 Sun met revolutionary friends in Hong Kong including ... presenting his ideas for modernizing China.

Let's read the above message from year 1891 ..... using the technique ...reading between the lines. In astronomy terms .....what is being said ..."1891 Sun met revolutionary"?

Let's translate the message ...... as if it contains some secret about an astronomy WAR taking place on EARTH ...... an astronomy intellectual WAR.


Continuing EAST ...we now use Highway 16 ...and we have the parallax astronomy crime EVENT in Oconomowoc. The weekly newspaper ....the Enterprise.


Continuing ...we reach Waukesha Wisconsin...and encounter David E. in the Astronomy magazine publsihing businesss ........ that does cross-correlation statistical analysis at a road named: Crossroads. The subliminal GROUP MIND of the city of LaCrosse, Wisconsin also involved in these practical math projects.

Thus we have 2 publishers/editors (the Sun Prairie STAR ...and David E.)
.......givng the STAR of David project.

Starting in Madison with former Governor Jim Doyle ( Captain JIM) and traveling east ...we encountered the STAR ...then TREK (giving STAR TREK) ..... the the ENTERPRISE ..... and then the gestalt completion code agent David ...... the projects: STAR OF DAVID and the televison program STAR TREK.

Both projects ......
both expressed in solid DISPLAY reality in Wisconsin ... for those who pay attention to their surroundings (both physical/geography and symbols / names / popular TV shows, etc ...... and the possible math mapping LINKS between these 2 types of REALITY expreession: physical and symbols).

Thus you can see...the original SUN-consciouness message was broken up into several pieces..... each piece emerged to a surface level of recognition (assuming you study and read and are curious) ...... and the information pieces and their expression ..... in different formats and modes.... are spread out between Madison and Milwaukee ... over a distance of 75 to 100 miles.

Now, we see the SUN-consciousness message the information DISPLAY pieces are gathered together from the Madison - Milwaukee geography region and the pattern / concept relationships explained.



Now, let's look at the BLACK SUN battle  of BLACKSBURG, Virginia.

In addition to the Virginina TECH  philosophy language and English language concept expression ERRORS of
the SUN-consciousness  LEVEL of the the Carl Jung university collective of students and professors .....we have  symbolic life contained in the optical super-city ... that is the electromagnetic  / photon super-CITY of the velo.CITY of light ...... that is used by the human eye/ iris / retina ..... the optical nerve and the Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain photon sysmbolic machine ... the human bio-computer with bio-optical information processing  ...with brain awareness PROBLEMS at American universities.


Within the VAST optical information city ...are super-cities ...... proper nouns, equation, concepts.

Th  paperback books about STAR WARS and BLACK SUN  are printed on cellulose paper with black ink and are sold at various bookstores.

Electromagnetic light from a Thomas Edison light bulb  carries the black ink symbol to the human eye.
Thus we have an EXTERNAL optical information data stream that is INPUT to the  eye ..a bio-physics input device. Thus the information is then sent to the optical nerve and the photon data processor ....... and an information CITY about the BLACK SUN   is built in your brain memory  AND also a  BLACK SUN  concept/ philosphy city  in the velo.CITY  (vast super-city)  of light.


The black ink symbols are living thougths in the city of light.

Sherlock Holmes and DR.Watson from year  1890 exist in 2 formats:  

1) they are portrayed as white male humans that weight over the base16 reference 160 pounds.
2) in the optical data stream  ...they are at 2 levels .....they are BLACK PEOPLE ( black ink proper nouns with thoughts)  .........
thus we have the Sir ARTHUR Conan DOYLE optical data sets (cellulose books)  that USES black PEOPLE (type fonts, English alphabet letters, and dictionary words and graphics)   to   describe the white British males  in year 1890 with character names: Sherlock Holmes and     Dr.Watson.

Is Sir ARTHUR Conan Doyle alive  today ..  in  year 2013. YES and NO.

In physical biology terms, he has died.
In the velocity of light ..... the symbolic city of thought and concepts .. he is alive and well .. in  photon spirit .... and in the influence upon the brain developing   thoughts of modern serious thinkers.



Let's return to BLACK SUN -->  the extension of the STAR WARs paper back nooks and  the new optical city / philosophy  


the BLACKsburg, Virginia TECH optical cities built in student brains  by university departments ........ English, philosophy, law, social sciences, etc.


Thus we see the optical battle  of the CITIES  in the electromagnetic field with DATA FIELDS ........

the battle of the BLACK SUN thougths  vs  BLACKSBURG  and INTELLECTUAL social science nonsense and arrogance.




Black Sun - Wookieepedia, the Star Wars -->  with     Darwinian attributes selection of astronomy shooting star Mr.CHO

Black Sun was formed at the end of the Great Galactic War.... secrecy and now openly displayed its symbol on ships and stations to intimidate rivals and victims.



"It is a vast criminal syndicate…its influence felt on every planet from the Core Worlds to the Outer Rim. Black Sun has existed for hundreds of years, and embedded itself in the very fiber of the galaxy. The resources at its disposal are almost limitless. The soldiers under its command number in the tens of thousands. The ignorant even call it the most powerful force in the known universe."
―Darth Sidious, to Darth Maul[src]

Black Sun was the most powerful and infamous crime syndicate in the galaxy.



Black Sun



Star Wars: The Old Republic: Fatal Alliance


Virginia Tech massacre
People gather to mourn after the shooting.
Location Blacksburg, Virginia, United States
Coordinates 37°13′46″N 80°25′23″WCoordinates: 37°13′46″N 80°25′23″W
Date April 16, 2007
c. 7:15 a.m.–9:51 a.m.[1] (EDT)
Attack type 

The Virginia Tech massacre was a school shooting that took place on April 16, 2007, on the campus of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, Virginia, United States. Seung-Hui Cho, a senior at Virginia Tech



The incomplete explanations of the Virginina TECH tragedy need to more complete.

This may require some serious brain effort by EAST coast college graduates ... but, they could care less about the awareness responsibilities of citizenship.

Thus you see some pieces to a puzzle ...about optical communications systems used by humans ...from ancient  times to the optical BASE 16 hexadecimal battle of April  16 with  NATURE's military agent and his double-helix symbolic  identifier code:  

Seung  Cho -->
Darwinian CHOSEN ONE --> symbols -->
CHO + Sen + one --> cho SEND ONE  --> PROJECT one --> Done.


Seung --> algebra partition into subset stem words --> Se + ung --> See JUNG and the collective unconsciousness


Seung --> algebra subset symbols --> Sun
Seung --> algevra subset symbols --> un g --> unconsciosness grammer  
Thus we have Nature's Seung equation  from the SUN-consiouness levels of Sartre existential thought.


Thus we see Virginina TECH explain the Sartre  play "NO EXIT" and its world-wide peformances.

English --> Virginia  TECH and no exit at Norris Hall shootings.


Norris Hall shootings



No Exit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
No Exit (French: Huis Clos) is a 1944 existentialist French play by Jean-Paul Sartre. The original title is the French equivalent of the legal term in camera, ...
Adaptations --> Social Engineering Science and the  Brain BULL-story  Mechanics program

About two hours after the initial shootings, Cho entered Norris Hall, which houses the Engineering Science and Mechanics program among others, and chained the three main entrance doors shut.


The world needs thinkers.  I starts with YOU ... study  science  and math basics  AND the Margaret Mead atomic social sciences ...  and learn to think clearly.