The White Sands optical war at Sandy Hook


The human optical nerve war has resulted in many student casualties or legal trials.
Nature's system engineers designed the human beginning.    Solar System  photon engineers worked with Nature to design  and build the human eye / retina/ iris,  the optical nerve and the brain optical computer  .... symbolic machine.

Much of this development took place in ancient Egypt  ..... and other countries were civilization began .....  AND   painting pictures  / sculpture began AND symbolic  languages began.  Thus  Nature's  optical engineers had a lot of work to do get everything working ..... something a modern engineer can appreciate ... even thou they work at differen size levels and  regions.  Thus the INTERNAL optical engineers  actually provide  modern engineers with the optical tools  ..... needed  for those modern humans to work in the EXTERNAL world. 


Now, in year 2013 ....  we have television optical tricks  and double-helix light bulbs being imposed upon the human EYE  by those in legislatures, Congress, and marketing .... who don't understand a thing about  Nature's EYE optical engineering parameters.

Thus the OPTICAL WAR and the student deaths with  
Virginia TECH English language engineering  and Engineering departments, 
Sandy Hook Grammer school language  schemes,
Columbia High School LIBRARY textbook color tricks, 
Fort Hood Sol READ CENTER errors,
Cole Hall and George Orwell 1984 and Oceania errors,



thus a  list of correlated tragic data events .... about the OPTICS WAR in your brain.

Let's outline the situation  ..... Nature  and its ancient BASIC optics systems VERSUS the Federal Trade Commission, Departments of Energy, Department of Education, etc.


What are Nature's military messages left in various tragic  events?  In year 2013 ...we consider the EVENTS  as pieces of a puzzle ..... optical clues provided over the last 15 years.   Thus ... an accumulated GROUP of CLUES over the years ... makes it easier for an analyst to see the BIGGER PICTURE.


Let's see how the LOGIC thoughts develop ... from a year 2013 percpective of the past tragedies with a COMMON denominator.


1) Columbine High school --> Library and  Color optics -->  the geography state of COLORADO parallels the STATE Of MIND --> COLOR optics represneted by Colorado.


2) Virginia TECH  English langauge and Norris Hall Engineering
--> English Language engineering needs (language)  STATE troopers --> optical nerve military activates the  photon decision processor --->  Nature's opticial military decision to select the battlefield NOUNS  .....  English and Engineering -->  Darwinian selection of Norris Hall engineering ...... to correlate and optimize EVENT output  signal content  ..... ChucK Norris and the TEXAS Rangers Television  vision show    ---> to show the need for  serious people in the optical industries, the light bulb and in Washington,DC  optics policies --> television, magazine printing, textbook printing, etc.


3) The ink PEN trial at Pen State University  ...... Penn State with Jerry Sandusky ..the SAND signal ... White Sands signal.



White Sands Missile Range --> White man Sand(usky)  - Wikipedia

White Sands Missile Range (WSMR) is a rocket range of almost 3,200 square miles (8,300 km2) in parts of five counties in southern New Mexico. The largest ..



4) The shooting at Sandy Hook ....and the SAND signal (White Sands)   AND   the Isaac Newton optical prism signal from Newton  connect your brain cells together ... if you live in the nonsense television/movie world of  NewTown, Connecticut.



Thus the concept of  White Sand (via messenger  events ...  
Jerry Sand at ink PEN State  OR  
Sand Hook GRAMMER school grammer language hooks / word and optics scams WAR)

and White Sand can imply  the white optical spectrum
(Isaac NewTON spectrum   VERSUS  NewTOWN spectrum and modern electronic devices)



Thus we see the concept pointers ...... pointing to white sand, optics and language symbols  ...... the pointers to Egypt and the developement of the optical nerve system  by Nature's ancient bio-chemistry engineers, brain engineers,  and photon engineers  ...those INTELLECTUAL optical sub-routines  are NOW in direct conflict with modern optical bull from Madison Avenue advertising/marketing  and Hollywood  ...  all approved by college educated people ...with silly nonsense values encouraged by institutions.   


Egyptian hieroglyphs - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Egyptian hieroglyphs HY-roh-GLIF) were a formal writing system used by the ancient Egyptians that combined logographic and alphabetic elements. Egyptians ...



The Sandy Hook grammer school  of Connect / LINK  (Connecticut)  .....  Connect the Sand of Sandy  +
Grammer symbols --> G + ram + ner --> Ramses.              Thus connected ...  we are now in ancient Egypt optical processing region inside  your brain  .... the current  photon/ electromagnetic WAR zone over CONTROL of you.




Thus we see ...upon the geography  surface of EARTH  ..... Natures's  ancient super-symmetry bio-physics model for the eye/optical nerve PROJECT.


Thus the project TITLE parallels the geography proper nouns  

MeEDIT.erranean Sea (and the optical sea of words and equations)


Thus the delta like an eyeball looking out at the blue sky waters



White Sands Mis.sile Range Home Page - U.S. Army


White Sands Mgt Info Systems  Home - Spectrum  Arm 

Above.....on the right side ...we see the 3 letter abbreviation ...for the READ See alphabet --> Read Se.a 





Chapter IV.: The Correspondence Between Life and Its Circumstances.

Herbert Spencer, The Principles of Psychology [1855] ... Author: Herbert Spencer ....
form links in the correspondence between internal and external changes.


The Mediterrean See .... blue eyes and the ancient Egyptian sunlight 
Theme..............Sea of input optical information elements

Above ..the eye DELTA area ...a reminder of the optical Library of Alexadria ---


  • Library of Alexandria - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The Royal Library of Alexandria, or Ancient Library of Alexandria, in Alexandria, Egypt, was one of the largest and most significant libraries of the ancient world.

    Ancient Library of Alexandria

    For it was indeed at the Ancient Library of Alexandria that the greatest adventure of the human intellect was to unfold. 2300 years ago, Alexander the Great, ...

    Artist's impression of the ancient Library of Alexandria.
    Source: Carl Sagan's Cosmos television program (1980).


    The above .... an EXTERNAL display  ..... a mirror of some INTERNAL  bio-optical symbolic building.




Below .... the evolution of Nature's Federal Reserve Banks of the Nile River current   to Alan Greenspan currency and money flow.



Above, the ancient  bio-computer system 370 with optical LUXOR -->LU X --> Logical Unit X    ... needed by high school algbera students and modern engineers and mathematicians.

Will modern scinetists allow the continued attack upon the Optical Nerve.
Nature could use some help.  Steve Allen tried to explain the situation  .... now we have more details about the depth of the optical WAR inside your brain.  
Do you wish to continue to see with your eyes?    
Nature  has the power to create optical military attacks to defend its brain optical investment ..... perhaps, Nature will look at YOU.
Which side are on?