Earth - Cancer disease.   The living EARTH geography defense lines: Tropic of Cancer and the Equator explain Adult female breast cancer.



MOTHER EARTH  versus  MOTHER HUMAN  violations of the Margaret  Mead  atomic bio-physics cell nucleus treaty ...the nuclear arms, elbows, mouth control treaty of EAT with the SALT and PEPPER shakers on the dinner table.  Known as the SALT TREATY  of the periodic atomic table Margaret Mead nuclear family  
the SUM.MIT treaty with  MIT professor  brain cell  MITochondria  
the SUM.MIT treaty with SUM/ Nature's accounting totals of Summit, Wisconsin and Summit,Illinois.


The concepts of Earth and Nature, Mother Earth, Mother Nature, Father TIME, the Motherland, the Fatherland, the WORLD, etc have been covered in literature and philosophy.



John Locke - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Locke's political theory was founded on social contract theory. Unlike Thomas Hobbes, Locke believed that human nature is characterised by reason and ...



The Philosophies Of Locke And Rousseau

The Social Contract allows individuals in the State of Nature to establish a whole ... John Locke was the son of a wealthy family who sought to maintain and ...



John Locke (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Sep 2, 2001 – ... of legitimate government in terms of natural rights and the social contract. ... John Locke (1632–1704) was one of the greatest philosophers in ...



Locke versus Hobbes

Locke and Hobbes were both social contract theorists, and both natural law theorists (Natural law in the sense of Saint Thomas Aquinas, not Natural law in the ...




Hume and the principles of natural philosophy - Unicamp

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by SS Chibeni - Cited by 3 - Related articles
The most perfect philosophy of the natural kind only staves off our ignorance a little ... science of natural bodies” (Essay 4.12.10 and 4.3.29), David Hume, who, ..



David Hume Philosophy: Explaining Hume's Problem of Causation ...

Explaining philosopher David Hume's problem of causation, necessary ... solution as it deduces the laws of Nature (the fundamentals of Physics & Philosophy...






Henry David Thoreau - Wikipedia,


Thoreau was a philosopher of nature and its relation to the human condition. In his early ... Henry David Thoreau, Walden, "Where I Lived, and What I Lived For" 

Walden - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Walden (first published as Walden; or, Life in the Woods) is an American book written by noted transcendentalist Henry David Thoreau. The work is part ...Synopsis - Background - Themes - Critical response


Let's look at the history of  some battles of NATURE.

1) The EARTH and the BOTANY  potassium fertilizer and nitrogen cycle WORLD WAR  that started in  year 1914.

Year 1914 --> in atomic terms is 19 + 14 --> 19 protons of potassium element symbol K  AND 14 is the atomic mass of nitrogen.  


Potassium Fertilizer Production and Technology - International Plant ...

Potassium Fertilizer Is Mined and Produced in. Many Parts of The World. Many other deposits are located throughout the world. (size of dot proportional to ...



Understanding Nitrogen Fertilizers - State of Oregon
Gardening and Water Quality Protection: Understanding Nitrogen Fertilizers. G. Andrews. Adequate soil nitrogen is necessary for a healthy lawn and garden.



Timeline - 1914 - A Multimedia History of World War One
20+ items – The First World War spanned four years and involved many ...
Date Event
June 28 Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the throne of ...


Year 1914 28 day of June ...
...........14 ..28

..........14 elctrons NITROGEN mass 28

gives the FermiLAB  periodic atomic table CLUE  of  the atomic anthropology WARS..


Molecular Mass of Air

Since both of these elements are diatomic in air - O2 and N2, the molecular mass of Oxygen is 32 and the molecular mass of Nitrogen is 28. Air is a mixture of ...


Below 2 atoms of Nitrogen = 1 molecule of the NITROGEN WAR ...the Maragret Mead atomic anthropology war of 1914.






The nitrogen cycle is of particular interest to ecologists because nitrogen availability can affect the rate of key ecosystem processes, including primary production and
decomposition. Human activities

decomposition. Human activities

decomposition. Human activities

decomposition. Human activities

decomposition. Human activities

such as fossil fuel combustion, use of artificial nitrogen fertilizers, and release of nitrogen in wastewater have dramatically altered the global nitrogen cycle.


WORLD as WIll and IDEA by Schopenahuer ....

the WORLD system of Nature's INTELLECT and its  message expression of the NITROGEN cycle

in year 1914  .....
decomposition. Human activities
decomposition. Human activities in Europe with their philosophy and theology ERRORS





Thus, given the diverse background history of  WAR .....we consider the theory that

the EARTH geography identifier:  Tropic of Cancer and the Equator part of the militaey defense of Nature's systems..... is a factor  involved in adult female breast cancer.  Thus the living EARTH cell  ..... the EARTH  geography equation:

Tropic of CANCER    , Equator,   Human Breast Cancer

Tropic of Cancer ......equate to .....Cancer in Humans 

Mother EARTH ..........equate to    Mother HUman EAR/ mouth  nonsense


Thus we see ....that CANCER disease --> Cancer dis +ease --> discuss lazy/ easy  attitude and lack of intellectual discipline in understanding the SALT treaty of  molecule = NaCl = Sodium Chloride.   SALT Lake CITY and their biased universities ought pay attention to REALITY and the  social engineering laws of NATURE and the process of metabolism.  





Earth Home Page - National  (Topic of the TROPIC of Cancer)  Institute
Information about
breast cancer treatment ( Henry Miller author of BREAST Cancer literature for Virginia TECH  English departments),
prevention (ban the BOOK that warns about language cancer symbols .... Tropic of Cancer),
genetics (Gene Hackman HOLLYWOOD movies of gene/chromsome HACK/cut/attack),
causes  Math logic errors in CAUSE ---> EFFECT studies),
screening (Hollywood ),
clinical trials (with President Clinton),
research and statistics from the National Cancer Institute.


Breast Cancer Home Page - National Cancer Institute
Information about breast cancer treatment, prevention, genetics, causes, screening, clinical trials, research and statistics from the National Cancer Institute.




Causes of Breast Cancer

World Map with Longitude and Latitude, Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn, Equator Map, Prime Meridian

LARGER (printable) VERSION

On the map shown, and for that matter on all other maps, the Arctic Circle, Antarctic Circle, Equator, Prime Meridian, Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn are imaginary lines.
Arctic Circle: It is one of the five major circles of latitude that mark maps of the Earth. Its exact location varies slightly each year, and currently it's positioned at 66° 33′ 44″ (or 66.5622°) north of the Equator.
Antarctic Circle: This parallel of latitude is currently at 66° 33′ 44″ ( or 66.5622°) south of the Equator.
NOTE: The position of the Arctic and Antarctic Circles are not fixed, as their exact location depends on the Earth's axial tilt, which fluctuates within a margin of 2° over a 40,000 year period, mainly due to tidal forces resulting from the orbit of the Moon.
Equator: Located at zero degrees latitude (North or South,) is 24,901.55 miles long and divides the Planet Earth into the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.


Equator - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
An equator is the intersection of a sphere's surface with the plane perpendicular to the sphere's axis of rotation and containing the sphere's center of mass.
Equate  see sons  .....cli --> CLI ....BAL instruction of land/city of BALTIMORE
Equate                    .....cli --> CLI ....BAL + Basic Assembler Language
Equate                    .....cli --> CLI = Compare Logical Immediate
EQUATE instruction's .....(of Computer Earth system 370 Equator) 

EQUATE instruction's assembler-type operand to accept token instead of ... EQUATE instruction's assembler-type operand to accept token instead of ...

Application Programming Reference – Assembler - IBM

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
1.3 Using ALCS DSECT and equate macros


equate macros

equate macros

equate macros --> Imelda Marcos of
Phillipine Macros ...... Manila computer .....political science

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ...... You cannot use the complete High Level Assembler instruction set for ALCS application ...


Let's consider the message to the 14th DALAI LAMA and his staff ...who refuse to acknowledge  their role in BOTANY and the Nitrogen Cycle.   The same message concept applies to human MOTHERS  ...that ought understand their relationship to Mother NATURE.

Mother Nature has some messages waiting for His Holiness the Dalai Lama. These messages are updates from the TREE of KNOWLEDGE . . . about the intellectual continuum that exists from the original teachings of Buddha to currrent mathematical DECISION TREE theory. We are guests of MOTHER NATURE; nature provides us with food,water, and air. In return, MOTHER NATURE would like our cortex computer to understand the philosophical context which we live within. Thus the religious continuum from ancient teachings to their evolution to modern basic concepts; which verify, supplement, and enhance the original messages of the cellulose TREE BUD to its first spokeperson BUDDHA. Understanding this process will help improve the Tibet/China situation for the Dalai Lama.


Understanding this process may help improbe the HEALTH of adult female women that exist on PLANET EARTH within the SOLAR SYSTEM.  Awareness and repsect  of the context we live within.... might encourage Mother Nature to help those that understand the SOCIAL CONTRACT and needed  enforcement .




Let's consider another factor ....
in the enhanced VIEW of medicine and our bi-directional relationship with Nature's various systems projects 


Rh factorfactor" on the surface of their red blood cells. This term strictly refers only to the ...
History of discoveries -
Rh nomenclature -
Rh system antigens  --> RHODE  Island SYSTEMS theory of antigens agents
Below, the symbol of a circle in red ...the cross-section of a blood artery and its mathematical properties and thoughts
American Mathematical Society
Formation 1888
Headquarters Providence, RH ISland
Membership 30,000
President Numeric M. Friedlander

www.ams.organ biology bio-computer

INTERNET inside the human body



Thus we see the algebra theory of sets and subsets ...with the American Medical Association humnoids. Such atomic, bio-physics  humanoid  is considered as a set of  thought elements, college education, medical school, work experiences, religion, social life, etc.   Within this vast group of  sets and subsets ........ Nature has embedded at SECRET LEVELS inside the brain:   subliminal mind subroutines , Carl Jung collective unconciousness data collection systems, etc.
These  embedded sets of bio-computer symbolic subroutines   ....process  the input  data to the medical student / doctor ...... or any person that Nature wishes to study ....... professors, trucker drivers and their  subroutine drivers of the 18 wheels of the parallel / super-symmetry  semi-truck comprised of the water molecule and its molecular  engine.
Thus the input  data stream to a doctor  is partitioned into DOUBLE-Helix  information pathways  ...
-- 1 path for the traditional medical duties a doctor does on a daily  basis
-- 2 Nature's special  projects path that looks at BIG PICTURE gestalt situations ...... and the subroutine ouput reports are routed to output bio-computer writers ...editors, new reporters, authors for display on cellulose printed with BLACK INK symbols.  Thus the INTERNAL thought system becomes available for EXTERNAL analysis. 
Thus we see Darwinian evolution continue symbolic format with Nature's bio-computer symbolic processors  providing process control  FEEDBACK systems.