Atomic origin of DNA agents   

The atomic coulomb equation expressions of year 1916 (Crick and Wilkins) help solve major atomic Double-Helix social communication ERRORS.




The atomic coulombs war of year 1916 is one component of  World War 1.   

World War I - Wikipedia

World War I (WWI) was a global war centered in Europe that began on 28 July 1914 and lasted until 11 November 1918. It was predominantly called the World ...




Above we see the number 1.6 and 19  AND the  periodic atomic table conflict in Europe.....that is the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear anthroplogy war ...expressed VIA larger sized humanoid vehicles...which are aggregate data sets comprised of periodic atomic table elements of life.  Thus atomic particles and their thoughts  ----> are magnified and amplified --> to the human size level ...the BIG Particle that acts out an atomic social science drama......the atomic PARTICLE theater  PART ..with integration by parts.

World War 1 1916 History - Military History -


militaryhistory  worldwarioverview/a/1916.htm
During World War I, 1916 saw the massive battles of Verdun and the Somme erupt ... having made good their losses from the previous year, intended to advance ...


William Shakespeare stated .....restated in modern terms
"The World is a stage and we are the atomic, bio-physics players (processing layers)".


Let's look at some more atomic expressions  ...say  an atomic, Double-Helix expression of  2 strands of LIFE and DEATH ...human lives intertwined in the twists and turns  of Sartre existentialism.


1916 World War 1 Timeline - European History 

1916 World War 1 Timeline - European History -
1916 began with all sides planning assaults

  1916 began with all sides planning assaults

  1916 began ....................plan 
  1916 began ....................plan 




FRANCIS CRICK (1916-2004)

After working at a Cambridge University laboratory he joined Cavendish Laboratory at Cambridge in 1949. The scope of his learning included biology, organic chemistry, protein structure and x-ray diffraction technology. In 1951, he was joined by James Watson. Both of them worked closely and presented their visual model of DNA in 1953.





Maurice Wilkins was a New Zealand born British biophysicist and molecular biologist.
Maurice Wilkins was a New Z .........born
Maurice Wilkins was a New Z......... born 


Thus ...we see Nature processes  with  Darwinian atomic geo-physics selections from the  living EARTH cell ..the geography location of NEW Zealand to express an atomic PROJECT PLAN signal  ...the New Z  of atomic nuclei  LINK/ study plan to undertstand the atomic bio-physics Double-Helix .......its two components: the physical biology of biochemistry aspect     AND  its information processing and social engineering responsibilities Nature's molecular agent.


Thus in year 1916 .....  in NEW Z = atomic number of nuclei ---> project journey ---> to  reach molecular cell biology nuclei  and to open an English language communications channel in   biochemistry social science expressions.

Thus New Z  ...a new generation of atomic humanoids was begun in the geography location of New Z   .... with the atomic coulombs signal of YEAR 1916.  This is in the context of the WORLD WAR I .... the war of  4  DNA nucleotides that spanned 4 years.


First World - Timeline - 1916
The First World War
spanned four years and involved many ...

spanned four years and involved many ...

spanned four ............. involved many ...

What are the 4 DNA nucleotides › ... ›

What are the 4 DNA nucleotides? ...
What are 4 kinds of nucleotides of DNA? ... 
A = Adenine,
G = Guanine,
C = Cystosine,
T = Thymine are 4 nucleotides of Dna molecules ..


Thus starting in year 1916 and ending in year 2004 ......we have the Double-Helix pair of researchers and their lives twist and turn .....down Nature's Darwinian  probability of ability path  .....




Thus in the DNA battles  of DEATH in year 1916  ......
Nature began a  NEW Z  project  with the 1916 origins of Watson and Crick.

The year 1916 unconscious thoughts of DNA ... surfaced to a level of consciousness in 1953 with the empirical data research and theoretical ideas  of Watson, Crick, and others.


Above words.....a double-helix formed by  BP = Base Pairs.

Thus year 1916  ..the Base Pair expression of the atomic table VIA Watson and Crick.


In year 2012,
we have have the unresolved BP = Base Pair problems of the past....

year 1984 --> incomplete explanation given about the BP = Bho Pal ...signal to atomic Paleonotogy agent: Leon L.


Bhopal disaster - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It occurred on the night of 2–3 December 1984 at the Union Carbide India Limited (UCIL) pesticide plant in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Over 500,000 people were ...
1984 by George Orwell ..equation 2-3 = -1 ...the square root of minus one bio-math battle



THe BASE PAIR  WAR signal ignored by world universities and coprorations ..... so obvious ...BP ..

Deepwater Horizon accident | BP

Eleven people died as a result of the accident and others were injured. We deeply regret this loss of life and recognize the tremendous loss suffered by the ...



British Petroleum (BP) Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Cleanup ...

mental .comA  ..algebra subset message

On April 20, 2010, the largest accidental marine oil spill in the history of the petroleum industry occurred 60 miles off the coast of Venice, Louisiana. The spill ...



Thus what is the current status of the DOUBLE-HELIX war?  
And what is the current DNA  WAR about?


We have a few important clues.


The DOUBLE-Helix ....binary bio-computer agents .....
the  BASE 2  death of  Watson and Crick 



The bio-computer  DEATH schedule can be considered as a
B100D Pressure  message ........ that is the bio-computer INFORMATION Systems identifiers ......
 100 DP --> Data Processing  ...with the 100 years signal of
alpha/numeric B100D Pressure ....
...................B .......P --> Base Pair bio-computer science.


Thus ..... understanding the concept CLUES ...we look at a few things

---> Year of data processing DEATH 2004 --> Base 2 exponent 004 = base 16 Hexdecimal 


---> thus we have year  (1916 - 2004)  converted to message (19 16 - 16) .. a  hematology
hexadecimal  BASE 16 signal ..... in a sense ..the DEATH number 16 is referback signal to year 1916.

Okay year...WAR year 1916 ....let's add the 100  B100D years --> year 2016.

Okay year...WAR year 1916 ....let's add the 100 Years WAR ----> year 2106.



Hundred Years' War - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia'_War
The Hundred Years' War was a series of conflicts waged from 1337 to 1453 between the Kingdom of England and the Kingdom of France and their various allies ...


Recall that the bio-thermodynamics WAR started in year 1337 ...(37.0 degrees Celsius body temperature) 
that is  bio-English DNA alphabet letters  
Location 1   = A
Location 13 = M-theory of  bio-physics metabolism 

In AM --> AM is the AMINO acids  experimental region geography terms AM = AMERICA and its people.


The 100 years WAR of B100D = B + 100 + D --> ended in year 1453 with  Nitrogen atomic mass 14 signal
 ...DNA nitrogenous bases year 1453 --> route message 500 years into future year 1953 Cavendish Labs.

Thus the DOUBLE-HELIX is like a DR.WHO ..... who travels thru biochemistry history.


Above, we see numbers 5 and 3 ...a reminder to society that the year 1453 WAR of B100D has resumed.


Thus current B100D battles of NATURE  are with the Virginia TECH English department, history department, biochemistry,
and bio-computer departments ...hence the April16, 2007  b100dy shooting ...a  tragic signal.......correlated to the Watkins and CRICK signal ......repeated  here.



---> thus we have year  (1916 - 2004)  converted to message (19 16 - 16) .. a  hematology, B100D social engineering .... hexadecimal  BASE 16 signal ..... in a sense ..the DEATH number 16 is referback signal to year 1916.

Okay year...WAR year 1916 ....let's add the 100  B100D years --> year 2016.

Okay year...WAR year 1916 ....let's add the 100 Years WAR ----> year 2106.



Thus year 2016 ..... NATURE's  20 standard amino acids with Base 16 hexadecimal MILITARY POWERS is coming on-line ...along with its elctromagnetic alliance to 20/20  eye/optical nerve PHOTON torpedo  military defense  systems embedded in the symbolic city of knowledge known as c = 186,000 miles per second ...the SECOND CITY  within  the  velo.CITY of light. 


Thus we see that STAR TREK provides some CLUES about the electromagnetic spectrum and the optical subroutine LIFE FORMS that operate within that dimension of the 11-dimensions predicted by physics.
Welcome to the new AGE of ENLIGHTMENT.