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Robert Franks and the year 1924 atomic social science murder

12/07/2014 11:09
Rd-blog-number-4160 by Herb Zinser reveiws the year 1924 database of the Robert Franks murder.   Leopold and Loeb - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Wikipedia   Jump to Murder of Robert Franks -...

Brownian motion life of Michael Brown

09/26/2014 09:31
Click on the title to display the full article.   RD-blog-number-3900 by Herb Zinser reviews the atomic, bio-physics messages of Michael Brown from the mathematical-physics message processing ..... geogarphy region of Ferguson, Missouri.   Science wars - Wikipedia, the free...

The 2007 Balad airplane crash ---> symbolism explained --> the BAL DNA bio-computer brain crash signal ---> the 2007 BAL TIME Flies

10/03/2012 22:00
RD-blog-number-2312-Balad   Computer Earth system 370 status report on the BAL program tragedy in IRAQ. BAL = Basic Assembler Language used for:   1) copper-wire computers use BAL, Cobol, Fortran , etc for applications programming   2) human bio-computers gather...

The Margaret Mead atomic social anthropology MODEL of society helps explain modern social science conflicts and crimes.

06/02/2012 06:08
RD-blog-number-622 The human is composed of atoms. Humans have thoughts. Thoughts must have an origin. Therefore atoms are the origin of thought. . . Therefore some political protests, crimes, shootings, wars, etc. by humans.....are really atomic protests of the Margaret Mead atomic...
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