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06/11/2015 05:07

Book-60 by Herb Zinser looks at some of the secret codes embedded as subset messages within the book.


In this blog post, we aree interested in the Solar System messages that apply to events AND activites on earth.

We see the system information flowchart ..... with the sequence of concepts.


a) millions of years ago, SUN energy arrived on EARTH and interacted with the periodic atomic table elements to create  BOTANY cellulose plants  ..... that eventually died  and  decayed .... and  evolved into the hydrocarbon ENERGY molecule known  as petroleum / oil. 


b) thus that ancient information pathway  ...... continue to pay a role in modern life and in  molecular social science political systems. 


c) various authors  .... being composed of molecules in humanoid format  ...... have a sense about this process  ...and write about their perceptions  .....  a partial picture  ...... that provide people ME an opportunity to build upon their insight ... and extend the knowledge further  .. using basic math and science textbooks.

Being older and wiser ....... helps me. 



Book six --> written by atomic number 6 of carbon and its bio-carbon human agent --> Peter David .....that is agent code

Peter --> subset letters --> pet  --> implies the petroleum industry of hydrocarbon and organic chemistry.



Thus we  have  the atomic human equation for Peter and others  
H implies his water molecule content of H2O   

C implies he is an organic chemistry life form  with a NOS (NOSE)




Code word --> Lieutenant Soleta --> subset code letter Sol --> reference to the astronomy Solar System battle on EARTH with the Solar System LONE STAR (the Sum in the sky)   VERSUS    the LONE STAR State of Texas  ....Fort Hood SOL(dier)  Read Center for astronomy tetxbooks  and the shooting star DEMO in year 2009 -->number 9 --> the 9 planets WAR schedule.


Fiesta Del Sol - Fiesta Del Sol // Festival of the Sun 12...
Fiesta Del Sol // Festival of the Sun

Soldier Readiness Processing Center shootings


2009 Fort Hood shooting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

On November 5, 2009, a mass murder took place at Fort Hood, near Killeen, Texas. Nidal Malik Hasan, a U.S. Army major and psychiatrist, fatally shot 13 people ...

Shootings - ‎Casualties - ‎Shooter - ‎Reaction
a mass murder took place
a mass murder took place
   mass ......................  place ....
  • Earth's Sun: Facts About the Sun's Age, Size and History
    Nov 20, 2014 - The sun lies at the heart of the solar system, where it is by far the largest object. It holds 99.8 percent of the solar system's mass and is roughly 109 times the diameter of the Earth — about one million Earths could fit inside the sun.
The sun .....   holds 99.8 percent of the solar system's mass  --. the mass murder using programmable human agents
The Cavendish labs ...

Cavendish Laboratory - University of Cambridge
University of Cambridge
The department of physics at Cambridge is known for the quality of its research and teaching SECRETS.

Details of both are given here.

Year 1927 -->  base 3 -->

3 exponent 0  = 1  ......
3 exponent 2  = 9  ........  
3 math power 3 = 27



SYMBOL MACHINE military code --> Lieutenant --. subset letters--> lie + ut  --> Battle at Liege and  Battle at Utoya


2011 Liège attack - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaège_attack

On 13 December 2011, a murder–suicide attack took place in the city of Liège in the Wallonia region of Belgium. The attacker, 33-year-old Nordine Amrani, ...

Attack - ‎Perpetrator - ‎Reaction - ‎References

2011 Norway attacks  at Utoya - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
On 22 July 2011, a mass shooting took place at the AUF's summer youth camp, where 650 young people were staying. Anders Behring Breivik arrived on Utøya ..
Above code skin --> dermatology / human skin wars in society.

Diseases and treatments - American Academy of Dermatology
American Academy of Dermatology
Did you know that a skin condition is the most common reason for a trip to the doctor's office? ... Dermatologists invented an easy-to-use method. Learn more.

This is related to the philosophy perception of ....

Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche: “The earth has a skin and that ...
Friedrich Nietzsche — 'The earth has a skin and that skin has diseases; one of its diseases is called man.'
The  EARTH skin  .. .philosophy war was  demonstrated at University of Virginia by messenger  ....


Murder of Hannah Graham - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hannah Graham (February 25, 1996 – c. September 13, 2014) was an 18-year-old second-year British American student at the University of Virginia who went ...

Disappeared: September 13, 2014 (aged ...
Cause of death: philosophy war casualty 


 was an 18-year-old second-year British American student 
 was an 18-year-old second-year British American student 
 was an 18-year-old second-year British American student  of the 18 families of the periodic  atomic table and its expression system

The Periodic Table: Families and Periods - For Dummies
Members of the families (vertical columns) in the periodic table have similar properties. ... The newer method uses the numbers 1 through 18. So why do the ...



Hence, the Darwin  biology selection of a female with a menstruation period ..... the period ... to receive the periodic table message on the English language  ferrous oixide iRON atom alphabet and its communication properties required of  adult  female blood.




Above words .... some sort of explanation for the events that had occurred in that area


Events  ... such as 

--> Fort Hood Solar System processing Center in Killeen, Texas in year 2009  ----- 9 project plan of 9 planets of the Solar System and the TREE of Knowledge





--> Waco Texas biker shooting in year 2015 with 9 dead --- 9 planets war zone at the Twin Peaks club


Waco biker gang shootout kills 9 outside Twin Peaks - CNN ...

May 20, 2015 - Officers warned about more bikers possibly heading to Texas after brawl .... Inside the Waco Twin Peaks during the deadly shooting .... at least nine people were dead, 18 were hospitalized and at least 170 were arrested and



Bandidos vs. Cossacks: Was biker shootout over territory ...
May 19, 2015 - A fight broke out among rival biker gangs in Waco, Texas, on Sunday, May 17, leaving at least nine people dead. At least 170 people were ...



Cossacks: Was biker shootout over territory .






The Solar System energy wars for control of EARTH and its civilizations.


Carbon atom and its energy ..and the reference code  to the  ...

Burgogyne  ring 
B  ring

Benzene ring 


The Benezene ring message was demonstrated by carbon black  represntative President O --> Obama


The table geometry denotes a chemistry geometry.


Gates, Police Officer Share Beers, Histories With President › Nation
The Washington Post

Jul 31, 2009 - Two weeks after a noted black scholar accused a white police sergeant of racial profiling for arresting him at his home near Harvard University, ...


After beers, professor, officer plan to meet again -

Jul 31, 2009 - Sgt. James Crowley and Henry Louis Gates Jr. sat around a patio table with President Obama and Vice President Biden, drank beer, munched ..


Secret codes .........




sat around a patio table with President Obama

sat around a patio table with President Obama

sat   round       io table with President O



Thus we have  President O .....  his  molecular expression code  ..


Thus the Beer   ring of the patio   table .......
.............Be.....ring ..

............Benzene ring conference of President O with
the Harvard Deaprtment of Chemistry  ... social chemistry agent Gates
 who had just visted C = Carbon social sciences geography region of C = China, Asia.


Henry Louis Gates, Jr. - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,_Jr.

Henry Louis Gates, Jr. (born September 16, 1950) is the Alphonse Fletcher ..... On July 16, 2009, Gates returned home from a trip to China to find the door to his ...




Parallel processing system agent ......  Henry Louis Gates




The Case for EARTHLY Parallel Universes
Editor's note: In the August issue of Scientific American, cosmologist George Ellis describes why he's skeptical about the concept of parallel universes. Here, multiverse proponents ...
The carbon molecule  ... social and political expression region on the EARTH surface 
The carbon black agents in Asia and their theme song  .......

Mao Jacket | eBay
Men Single Breasted Jacket Mao Oriental Tunic Blazer Zhongshan Navy Black Retro. $29.99. Buy It Now. Things you should know:This item includes one jacket ...

CHEM E-2b Organic Chemistry II - Harvard Extension School › ... › Chemistry
Harvard Extension School
Organic Chemistry II is a continuing education course at Harvard Extension School.

Organic Chemistry II - applications to create awareness 

Oriental Tunic Blazer Zhongshan Navy Black Retro
Oriental Tunic Blazer Zhongshan Navy Black Retro
Ori   tal                   Z                     Black Retro
Orbital  ......atomic number Z             Black (carbon black message system  using cotton fabrics and clothes VERSUS  the usage of carbon black INK and a writing instrument)
 Thus we see  3 formats of  a carbon black atomic communication systems 
1) black people and their black skin
2) other people that dress in the cotton fabric  (skins  code)
3) carbon black used in ink to write symbols and flowcharts on white cellulose

Sia - Dressed In Black Lyrics for China | MetroLyrics

Lyrics to 'Dressed In Black' by Sia.
I had given up /
I didn't know who to trust /
So I designed a shell (electron shell message system) /
Kept me from Heaven and Hell /
And I had hit a low (low values Base 16 hexadecimal) /




And I had hit a low (low values Base 16 hexadecimal) /


And I had hit a low (low values Base 16 hexadecimal) /


And I had hit a low (low values Base 16 hexadecimal) /


Henry Louis Gates, Jr. - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,_Jr.

Henry Louis Gates, Jr. (born September 16, 1950) is the Alphonse Fletcher .....
On July 16, 2009, Gates returned home from a trip to China to find the door to his .




And I had hit a low (low values Base 16 hexadecimal message to President O = Oxygen)
And I had hit a low (low values Base 16 hexadecimal for 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue)
And I had hit a low (low values Base 16 hexadecimal  on July 16, 2009) 
Oxygen atomic mass 16 message to  atomic President O  ....
your staff and your advisors are  blocking these
Margaret Mead atomic social science messages

solving the hierarchy problem - SLAC
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
by J Lykken - ‎Cited by 2 - ‎Related articles
what is the hierarchy problem of the. Standard Model. • is it really a problem? • what are the ways to solve it? • how is this related to gravity? outline of this lecture ...
 the. Standard Model
 the. Standard Model
 the. Standard Model and the bio-physics communication agent .... 

The Two Cultures
and the
Second Coming of the Second LAW of political Thermodynamics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Two Cultures is the title of the first part of an influential 1959 Rede Lecture by British scientist and novelist C. P. Snow. Its thesis was that "the intellectual life ...

Snow's position can be summed up by an often-repeated part of the essay:

A good many times I have been present at gatherings of people who, by the standards of the traditional culture, are thought highly educated and who have with considerable gusto been expressing their incredulity at the illiteracy of scientists. Once or twice I have been provoked and have asked the company how many of them could describe the
Second Law of Thermodynamics.
The response was cold: it was also negative. Yet I was asking something which is the scientific equivalent of: Have you read a work of Shakespeare’s?[5]


The Hierarchy Problem | Of Particular Significance
Aug 14, 2011 - The issue, now called the hierarchy problem, has to do with the size of the non-zero Higgs field, which in turn determines the mass of the W and Z particles. The non-zero Higgs field has a size of about 250 GeV, and that gives us the W and Z particles with masses of about 100 GeV.



the mass of the W and Z particles.

the mass of the W and Z particles.

the mass of the W and Z particles and their EARTH address ( West Road) and human agent Z.










Remembering the great Far Horizons restaurant on Longboat
Sarasota Herald‑Tribune

Jan 21, 2008 - In the Key's early days, Far Horizons was THE elite hotel-restaurant. ... The original owners were Jack Kahn Sr. and Herb Field, two names ...



Far Horizons was ultramodern Longboat Lore By Barry ...

He was on his way to becoming the largest landowner on the Key. The Far Horizons opened in 1957, and the following year, another Colony guest, Jack Kahn, ...



Jack Chris Kahn . - Google News
Google News
The post is one of two allocated to Sarasota on the four-member, bi-county ... Kahn, manager of Far Horizons resort on Longboat Key, is a 1958 graduate of Yale ...
Thus we have the LINK to the Stephen Hawking astrophysics application to  EARTH code --> Event Horizon

Event horizon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In general relativity, an event horizon is a boundary in spacetime beyond which events cannot affect an outside observer. In layman's terms, it is defined as "the ...
Thus you see some clues embedded within the book.
I only mentioned those things I am familair with.   I went to high school in Sarasota  ....
 thus the awareness about sideways existence / horizonthal. 
God only knows what SECRETS you a have hidden.
Look at  pages above ..are they partial MIRRORS  to your life an individual?
........dual ---> implies 2 parts.    

Who are you?

Chapter 16: Duality of Matter   (that you are composed of)
of our everyday experience, we think of disturbances propagating in a medium as, for example, waves on the. 143.
16. Duality of Matter.
De Broglie.

    de Broglie Waves
In 1924 a young physicist, de Broglie, speculated that nature did not single out light as being the only matter which exhibits a wave-particle duality. He proposed ...