Molecule wars

Chuck Norris explains the Texas hydrocarbon molecule RANGE that reaches Norris Hall, Virginia.

08/02/2015 05:33
RD-blog number-607 by Herb Zinser reviews the Texas hydrocarbon molecule  ..... social science  expression sytem  using CH = Carbon Hydrogen atomic symbols assigned to television mass communications  agent CH = CHUCK Norris   ...that is atomic mass ..mass...

Sherlock Holmes explains the University of Chicago formaldehyde BRAIN solution ERRORS of Hyde Park

04/09/2015 17:37
RD-blog-number-5026 by Herb Zinser looks  at Nature's molecular social engineering problems and the usage by Nature's  SYSTEMS of the formaldehyde MILITARY molecule at Virginia TECH and in the Northern Illinois geography ...INTELLECTUAL WAR ZONE   ..specifically the University of...