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The stem word --> fer --> the brain fermentation HIERARCHY PROBLEM at FermiLAB

05/23/2015 20:53
Rd-blog-number-5657 by Herb Zinser reviews Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE  communication WAR with FermiLAB and the various world Federal governments and their  approval of citizen errors.   The periodic atomic table of elements of life and thought AND the molecular thought systems and their...

The year 2014 NITROGEN molecule .... access database code helps explain the 38th parallel WAR of propane gas and other signaling EVENTS

05/08/2015 17:20
Rd-blog-number-5540 by Herb Zinser reviews various periodic atomic table ... social science EXPRESSION signaling EVENTS. Key to this are a few factors .. regarding Nitrogen and its message system.       Nitrogen and oxygen molecules are input to the human  bio-computer...